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Lourdes Leon modeling Juicy couture

Madonna's Daughter Deletes, Restricts IG Comments After Tirade

Lourdes Leon / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Hours after going H.A.M. on Instagram, Lourdes Leon appears to have erased her tracks and limited the amount of engagement fans will be able to have on her social media posts. The 24-year-old daughter of Madonna and ex-partner Carlos Leon, has gone radio silent on Instagram following the headlines she created after launching an official page and then trolling just about every fan and follower who dropped by to share a message. Still unclear is whether Lourdes made the decision herself to dial back her attitude on IG, or whether someone had shown her the "Ray of Light."

Going Silent

Lourdes Leon modeling Adidas
Adidas Women / Instagram

Lourdes Leon did not announce the change to her official Instagram page, yet on Saturday morning her only two posts had been cleaned up of any of her comments from the day before, along with the responses and criticism from fans that sparked an avalanche of bad press for Madonna's daughter.

On one of her posts, Lourdes had changed the settings to only allow a limited amount of comments from her followers, and her other post had been completely restricted.

Was Adidas Mad?

Adidas corporate office

It is interesting that Lourdes Leon disabled the comments completely from her post debuting a new video for Adidas Women and directed by Stella McCartney. Lourdes is heavily featured in the video for the new Adidas merch, titled FUTUREPLAYGROUND, and there's a good chance the activewear brand did not want to be associated with the PR they were getting from Lourdes' Instagram confrontations.

As we previously reported, Lourdes was getting quite aggressive with fans over social media, including hurling insulting comments and suggesting some sexually graphic acts.

Mixing It Up

Giphy | Vogue México y Latinoamérica

For whatever reason, Lourdes Leon was not holding back from mixing it up with fans after it was revealed she had officially joined Instagram.

Lourdes was not in the mood for playing, with one fan regretting telling the star, "Your mother made a masterpiece called Hard Candy."

Madonna's daughter hastily responded, "your mother sucks wild d–k," and it did not end there.

Another fan tried to compliment Lourdes by writing, "Hey queen we’re waiting for your singing debut," to which Lourdes responded, "I'll sing at your funeral."

Instagram is not for everyone.

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