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Iggy Azalea close up and indoors

Iggy Azalea Forgets Her Underwear On Balcony For Cash

By Rebecca Cukier

Iggy Azalea is hanging around without undies for cash. The 30-year-old rapper and new mom, seemingly on a massive posting spree amid her baby daddy troubles with 24-year-old ex Playboi Carti, is still cramming her Instagram with thist traps, with the weekend bringing the "Fancy" rapper back in bombshell mode and promoting the Fashion Nova brand she fronts. Iggy, followed by 14.4 million, barely waited a day after her braless pearl necklace showoff to post more content, this time going undies-free. Check it out below

Making $$$


Scroll for the photo. Iggy, who has clocked over 8 million views for dropping it down low in see-through pants and a bikini top, is now racking up the likes for the latest shot, one showing the Grammy nominee flaunting her "baby waist" in a tiny slit and purple two-piece just about held together by a waist hoop.

The photo showed the Aussie looking sideways and slightly naughtily while on a limestone balcony as she wore the one-shouldered crop top and matching skirt forming her Fashion Nova set.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Iggy Azalea in floral bikini

Iggy, who flashed some underboob and highlighted her thick thighs saving lives, went brazenly undies-free, but the mom of one stayed safe and inside Instagram's no-nudity guidelines.

"Kinda sorta obsessed with this dress from @fashionnova," Iggy wrote for a total 100,000+ likes in under 15 minutes. The photo comes amid a slew of sexy snaps seeing the star show off the money-makers, although the most recent one saw Iggy admitting she's feeling lucky: "Lately the universe has been repaying me," she wrote.

Fashion Nova – What's The Pay?


Iggy didn't use a #ad in her post. The disclaimer required by Instagram doesn't appear necessary when a partner status is in place. Pay on the platform directly correlates with following, something that experts at Vox have outlined:

"Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post!"

See her snatched bikini body below!

Dropped 20 Pounds Without Trying

Iggy Azalea holding her baby

Iggy made headlines in November 2020 for revealing she's been losing weight after the April birth of son Onyx. Despite the late-night pizza TikToks, the "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper revealed:

"Any other moms who can’t stop dropping weight after having a baby? (Not a brag, genuinely wanna hear if you had this happen)," adding:

"I don’t try/want to lose weight but it’s literally just shedding off me, is it hormonal? Should I be concerned? 20lbs lighter than pre baby and counting."

Scroll for Iggy's braless nip show!

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