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The Simpsons

The Simpsons Make Inauguration Day Prediction

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By Carol Cassada

Add another item to the list of predictions made by "The Simpsons."

The long-running animated Fox sitcom continues to be beloved by millions of fans. Over the course of the years, devoted Simpsons fans did some research and found the show has made some eerie predictions that came true.

From sports teams winning a match up to celebrities being elected into political office, the show has been accurate with its future predictions.

Now, fans can possibly add another prediction, this one involving the new Vice President Kamala Harris.

Kamala's Inauguration Day Outfit

Kamala Harris Inauguration Day
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Inauguration Day was a big and historic moment for America.

Joe Biden was sworn in as the President of the United States, and Kamala Harris made history as the first female Vice President.

For the big day, Harris wore a purple dress with matching overcoat. To cap off the look, she included a pearl necklace.

Harris earned rave reviews for her stylish outfit, and she's on her way to becoming a fashion icon.

However, internet sleuths couldn't help but notice the garment looked familiar. 

Lisa Simpson Wore It First

Lisa Simpson Vice President
lisasimpson - Twitter

It didn't take long for Simpsons fans to recognize Kamala's outfit because the character Lisa Simpson had worn it before.

In the season 17 episode titled "Bart to the Future," Bart gets a vision of the future, which shows his younger sister Lisa has become the first female President.

The older version of Lisa is wearing a purple dress and coat along with her signature pearls. A look that's similar to Harris' Inauguration Day style.

Upon discovering this, fans took to social media to spread their theory "The Simpsons" made another prediction.

Predicted Trump's Presidency

The Simpsons Donald Trump President
paddypower - Twitter

The "Bart to the Future" episode originally aired in March 2000.

It's eerie how they predicted a female President would be elected, and her choice of outfit would be similar to the current Vice President.

But that's not the only prediction the episode got right.

During a press briefing, Lisa mentions that her predecessor was Donald Trump, who was in fact elected as President in 2016 but lost the 2020 election.

Between Donald Trump's presidency and a female President getting elected, the show was accurate with this futuristic plot.

Other 'Simpsons' Predictions

The Simpsons Predictions
The Simpsons - Twitter

Since it's thirty-two years on the air "The Simpsons" has not only made viewers laugh, but also made some odd, but true predictions of future events.

In a 1993 episode, the town of Springfield is inflicted with a virus after receiving packages from China, similar to the recent coronavirus pandemic.

In another episode from that same year, a pair of Siegfried and Roy type magicians are attacked by their beloved tiger. Ten years later, Roy Horn was attacked by the tiger Montecore during a performance.

With so many occurrences between the show and real-life events, fans wonder if it's a coincidence or do the show's staff have psychic abilities.

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