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NELK Boys Kyle Gifts Dad $300,000 After Supporting YouTube Career

Kyle Forgeard / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Canadian YouTube star Kyle Forgeard admittedly owes a lot to his parents as they supported his quest to become a YouTube star and were by his side as he found success ... and now he's paying it back by helping his father enjoy an early retirement. 26-year-old Kyle, the co-founder of the NELK Boys empire and Full Send brand, released an emotional video on YouTube of himself gifting his father an insane amount of money and explaining why he felt it was the right thing to do.

Making Dreams Come True

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Full Send / YouTube

Kyle Forgeard shared his video by debuting the new Full Send YouTube channel, which the Canadian star explains will contain all the content they consider "cool" or worthy of going viral. Starting the channel off with a pretty cool video, Kyle explains how he had been talking to his father, Rick, about what it would take to retire.

Kyle's dad, who is 62 years old, said he needed about $300,000 to pay off the mortgage on their home in Ontario, Canada, and essentially retire.

Time To Retire!

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Full Send / YouTube

Kyle filmed himself driving through his local bank and arranging a wire transfer for his father in anticipation of surprising him with the big news.

After gifting him the document showing the $300,000 wire transfer, Rick was understandably shocked and emotional.

"A lot of people always say their parents were unsupportive or never believed in them but mine were the complete opposite!" Kyle wrote on social media.

He continued, "My parents always believed in me and supported my decision to drop out of university and pursue youtube full time. Having their support made things so much easier and i seriously cant thank them enough."

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