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Tony Robbins Reveals This Trait All Succesful People Share

By Gary Trock

The world's top life and business strategist, Tony Robbins, is no stranger to customers paying vast sums of money to hear his life-changing tips and self-help guidance, but this time the philanthropist and best-selling author is giving away some insight free of charge while making it clear what type of behavioral trait you better be exuding if you want to make it as a huge success in life. Robbins recently sat down, via video chat, with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on their popular podcast, "Hollywood Raw."

Breaking It Down

Screenshot of podcast interview
Hollywood Raw Podcast / YouTube

60-year-old Tony Robbins mapped out a ton of strategies during his appearance on "Hollywood Raw," and touched on everything from his staggering career, keeping his mind and body fit, and even his top 5 favorite books.

One of the big bombs dropped by Robbins, however, was his thoughts on a certain mindset that he has seen within the successful people he's encountered over the years.

"There's one quality I see that all these super achievers have", Robbins explained,

"It's hunger, he added."

Robbins continued that people who are truly extraordinary, have never stopped growing and giving while keeping that burning hunger going so that they are never satisfied.

Explaining Hunger

Giphy | Tony Robbins

Robbins continued talking about succesful people:

"The common denominator is a hunger that doesn't go away. Hunger to do more, be more, share more. Hunger is something inside you, if you don't have it, it can get triggered," Robbins said.

Robbins explained that during his events, which can run for 12 hours at a time, his clients become immersed in the experience and often see their "hunger" sparked by everything going on around them.

The interview with Tony Robbins on "Hollywood Raw" may be what some people need to get their own hunger triggered.

Going Digital

Man sitting in front of TV screens
Tony Robbins / Instagram

Always walking the walk while talking the talk, Tony Robbins is not letting the global pandemic shut down his motivational speaking tours and has recently announced a virtual live stream event that will be offered ... free of charge!

According to a press release about the event:

"For five days, Tony Robbins will lead livestreamed sessions designed to provide participants with the tools and strategies they need to overcome their fears and doubts so they can recreate themselves and thrive in the new year. Each day, the New World | New You Challenge will feature a different theme and homework challenge, focusing on one step to turn that day's training into action. By the end of the five days, participants will have generated enough momentum to continue building on their progress all year long. "

For more information on the live stream event, check out the event page.

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