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Rapper Soulja Boy Accused of Sexual Assault of Ex-Personal Assistant

By Liz Walters

Rapper Soulja Boy is accused of sexually assaulting and physically abusing his former assistant.

According to court documents, obtained by The Blast, Soulja Boy's former assistant claims within the first month of her employment, the rapper allegedly sent her dick pics, and her employment developed into a romantic relationship. Soulja Boy's ex-assistant has chosen to sue the rapper using a pseudonym of Jane Doe to protect her privacy because it involves alleged sexual misconduct by the rapper.

Soulja Boy alleged abuse includes numerous instances of physical violence like kicking, throwing, punching, spitting on his ex-assistant's body, and even death threats. Jane Doe claims the rapper allegedly held her hostage and failed to pay her wages she earned.

Soulja Boy Accused of Saying "I Should Have Killed You"


Jane Doe [says]9,-Lawsuit%20accuses%20the&text=A%20woman%20who%20says%20she,Malibu%20on%20February%201%2C%202019.) that following the first alleged sexual assault in February 2019, the rapper showed remorse and gave her $1000. On one occasion, Soulja Boy was accused of tackling Jane Doe to the floor, kicking her in the ribs, and dragging her body down a flight of stairs. She says she believed she was "in love with Defendant Way and was placated to remain in this toxic relationship by Defendant Way who would often say 'I didn't mean it'".

On other occasions, Jane Doe accuses the rapper of becoming enraged over the most trivial offenses that were typically caused by his jealousy. Soulja Boy allegedly threatened his ex-assistant with bodily harm and statements like "I should have killed you."

Ex-Assistant Accuses Soulja Boy of Raping Her!


Soulja Boy allegedly punched Jane Doe directly in the head, so hard, on at least ten separate occasions, that she would lose consciousness and "wake up in a locked bedroom with no mattress, food, or water". Jane Doe claims she tried to quit and leave the rapper, and on numerous occasions, Soulja Boy would "inappropriately touch Plaintiff's body, forcefully pull her pants off, and rape her".

The rapper is accused of denying his ex-assistant the $500 a week for her services because he bought her a car and claimed he did not need to pay her because she was living with him.


Soulja Boy's ex-assistant claims when she was finally able to escape the rapper's home, she returned to collect her things, and the rapper allegedly raped her several times. She even brought law enforcement to assist her in retrieving her things, and the rapper denied them entry.

In a statement by Jane Doe's attorney, Neama Rahmani, President of West Coast Trial Lawyers, Rahmani says, "Way’s treatment of our client, as an employee and as a person who deserves respect, has traumatized and filled her with fear. His abuse imprisoned her physically, mentally and emotionally. When she mustered the courage to flee, he impoverished her. His exploitation severely hampered our client’s ability to re-establish herself in the workplace and in society. We believe he should be held accountable.”

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