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Erika Jayne Still Being Paid By Rihanna's Company Despite Embezzlement Claims

By Ryan Naumann

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Erika Jayne appears to still be collecting her paychecks to be an ambassador for Rihanna's lingerie line despite accusations she helped rip off orphans.

49-year-old Erika, who is currently being accused of helping embezzle money meant for families of plane crash victims, has decided the best PR strategy is to keep her mouth shut. She hasn't said a single word about the claims included in the federal lawsuit filed against her and her "estranged" husband, Thomas Girardi.

Instead of addressing the matter, Erika has decided it was the right time to post a bunch of photos of her rolling around on her bed in lingerie on her social media accounts. She has been nonstop in sharing glam shots with her covered in diamonds and her face beat. A majority of the post includes her promoting Rihanna's "Savage X Fenty."



Erika, who is paid to promote the line on her Instagram, stripped down to a pair of red lingerie from the line. She posed in the bedroom of her new $1.5 million rental home.

The "RHOBH" star also posted a series of sizzling shots in lingerie on her IG stories. She made sure to include the swipe-up link to Savage X Fenty, which most likely pays her a little more if people use her link to buy the products.

Rihanna seems to be sticking by Erika despite the heat coming from fans. Many believe Bravo should fire Erika based on the "disgusting" accusations in the lawsuit.

One follower commented, "Why is this lady still here? She stole from people and paraded her wealth on Housewives. I want someone authentic!!!"

Another supporter wrote, "while all of you haters are running your mouth she’s on her way to the bank to deposit a Rihanna check, yes a riri check!."

"Are you dumb or just tone deaf?" said one blunt fan.

Erika's Hot Shot


As The Blast previously reported, last year, Erika and her husband Thomas Girardi were hit with a federal lawsuit. The case was brought by the widows and orphans of plane crash victims. They all had been represented by Thomas in a class-action lawsuit over the crash. The families were awarded a settlement. However, they claim Erika's husband failed to pay them out the entire amount owed.

The families believe the money meant for them was diverted to help fund Thomas and Erika's "lavish lifestyle." One creditor believes Thomas sent Erika's entertainment company millions over the years.


The suit read, "LFG has obtained financial records that demonstrate that Girardi has been using Girardi Keese funds to “loan” over $20 million dollars to his wife’s company, EJ Global."

Erika and Thomas have yet to respond to the lawsuit. At a recent court hearing, Thoams was found in civil contempt for failing to explain where his client's money went. His brother recently filed to become his conservatorship. Robert Girardi claims Thomas is losing his memory and doesn't understand what's going on. Thomas's creditors believe that's nonsense and point to him being able to negotiate contracts only a few months ago.

In the middle of the nonsense, Erika filed for divorce from Thomas after 21 years. She is demanding he pay her spousal support. He is fighting her request for support. It's unclear how much money is even left to be divided up.

Last month. Thomas's creditors filed an involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. They accused him of owing millions but refusing to pay the bills. The judge ordered the case can move forward and appointed a trustee. The trustee will now take over control of Thomas's finances. They will sell off his assets to pay back his debts.

The case is ongoing.

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