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Kendall Jenner making kissy lips

Kendall Jenner Is A Tropical Bombshell In Tiny Bikini! See The Pics!

Instagram @Kendall Jenner
By Jacob Highley

Kendall Jenner has been a staple of modern fashion and influence for years now. She quickly rose to fame after becoming a model at age 14, with her career gaining massive traction in 2014 and 2015 after scoring major campaign deals.

Today, at 25-years-old, few online models can boast the kind of success that she has. With over 148 million Instagram followers and a reputation for being among the best dressed in the Kardashian/Jenner family, this is one firecracker than goes off pretty much every day.

A New Trend?

Kendall Jenner with yellow resort
Instagram @Kendall Jenner

Speaking of firecrackers, Kendall’s latest Instagram posts and Insta Stories are indisputably blowing up across social platforms after she put on some provocatively sexy swimwear.

The update comes right when her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner both posted some outstanding photos showing off various bikinis. (Must be a trend setter move on their parts)

No only does it appear that they all decided to show some skin, but it looks like they are all enjoying a vacation of some kind, with sandy beaches, big ocean views, and even crystal pools.

Colorful & Sexy

Kendall Jenner on yellow couch
Instagram @Kendall Jenner

The photos show Kendall wearing what appears to be a bronze decorated bikini set made ornate with a myriad of subdued gray and shimmering colors. The top and bottom pieces are by no means modest with both cleverly hiding her intimate parts while showing off those extra glimpses that are oh so erotic.

Her post has gained the attention of other famous models including her sisters who left comments sharing how much they admire the beautiful photos sharing the metaphorical and physical sides of paradise.

The Fans Love It!

Kendall jenner selfie
Instagram @Kendall Jenner

Here are but a few of the numerous comments that Kendall has received on her post.

“Cute hat!!!!! 🧡🧡🧡” (KrisJenner) “You are paradise! No matter where you go paradise follows” (KhloeKardashian) “oh yessss😊🧡” (Stassiebaby) “Take me to this paradise” (Commentator) “Welcome to paradise 🇲🇽🤍🤍🤍” (Commentator) “oh to be Kendall Jenner” (Commentator) “ms girl. that’s one dark tan” (Commentator) “She is in Mexico 😍😍😍🔥”(Commentator) “💕 amazing! We love seeing you in the Ciana bikini xx” (Commentator) “Sorry ma’am for breathing the same air as you” (Commentator) 

Health Improvements

Kendall Jenner enjoying chips
Instagram @Kendall Jenner

Kendall hasn’t always been the flawless lady that many view online though. She told the press in November of last year that she kept having issues with acne, and it wasn’t until she made changes to her diet and skin-care routine did she manage to overcome that constant issue.

“I always tried to figure out for so long why my skin was breaking out — was it hormones, was it what I’m eating, am I allergic to something, am I using the wrong products?” Kendall explained. “Once I got my regimen down, I knew it wasn’t what I was putting on my face. I started. thinking about my diet a lot and I decided to cut out dairy. Not entirely, I love cheese, so it’s hard for me to cut out cheese. But that honestly helped me so much. I [also] drink tons of water, as much as I can or remember to.” 

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