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Chelsea Handler is bold, brash and very funny!

Chelsea Handler Celebrates Biden & Harris By Letting TaTas Breathe

Instagram | Chelsea Handler
By Rima Pundir

There are two kinds of people in the USA right now. Those who are celebrating the Joe Biden, Kamala Harris win and the smooth inauguration, and those who are bemoaning that Trump finally had to leave the White House. 

Actress, activist and comedian Chelsea Handler is of the first kind, and she is very, very happy about the chain of events that came to a head, on January 20th, 2021, as in Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States. 

To show her appreciation, Chelsea Handler took to a ski chair and some rather flashy antics that also included cannabis. Here's the dope... 

Chelsea Had A Merry Christmas Indeed

Chelsea Handler's Christmas with all her puppies
Instagram | Chelsea Handler

To be honest, Chelsea Handler has no compunctions showing off her beautiful body and has shown whatever she can, in accordance with the rules of Instagram, as and when possible. 

This was her 2020 Christmas card, and Handler was more than happy to show off her body and her tatas, with the essentials covered with Christmas decorations. 

While some fans actually wondered why she covered her "Christmas gifts", others felt she would be on Santa's naughty list for sure. 

That said; Trump was always on her naughty list!  

Doing That Home Stretch

Chelsea Handler reminds Instagram of homestretch
Instagram | Chelsea Handler

So this is Handler spreading those legs on gym equipment, showing off her peach in the mirror behind. 

Why was she doing it? According to Handler, "Homestretch. Get it? 5 days until we have a new administration, and we can all take a deep ducking breath."

Actor Sean Hayes said it straight up, "You and your wordplay. I live for it. Classic Handler." while Jennifer Garner seemed to be a fan as well, writing, "Oh, to follow you around for a day ♥️♥️♥️🤣".

Here's another gem!

Letting It All Breathe

Chelsea Handler strips to promote reading
Instagram | Chelsea Handler

Here's Handler doing her bit from reading and literacy, and it involves lots of skin with the books covering the essentials. 

Handler does use her honkers to make a point, and there are plenty of her fans who appreciate it. And she did something rather similar to celebrate the swearing-in of Biden by posting the snowiest, showiest video ever and captioned it, "Today is a day to celebrate."

Kate Hudson remarked, "Everything about this makes me happy ☀️ LMAO 😂"

Watch all the awesomeness below...

Quite The Queen

Chelsea Handler striking a pose
Instagram | Chelsea Handler

Wrote one fan, "Trump been stressing tf out of my t**ties too. Let them breathe!!😂😂😂"

When a troll popped up, saying, "I don’t get it. I love you and all@what you have to say and do... but enough with your body" and later continuing to say that it took away from her "female power"; she was asked to keep her opinions to herself in rather unequivocal terms and in some rather unpolite words as well. 

So Handler's breasts are hers to handle, and if she wants to flash the ski joint she's at, more power to her. Here's another Trump tata from her...

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