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Demi Rose close up and outdoors

Demi Rose's DDs Enjoy Shirtless Treatment On Ibiza Magic Island

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose is hanging around shirtless without a bra and knocking her 15.7 million Instagram followers dead. The British model and social media sensation, fresh from showcasing her assets in a plastic string bikini, took it up a notch earlier this week – by ditching the swimwear altogether. Demi, who also ditched the U.K. for good in July 2020 and now resides in Ibiza, Spain, used her favorite "Ibiza Magic Island" geo-tag, and it's looking good on her. Check it out below.

Ditching The Bikini


Scroll for the photo. Demi, heavily in the news of late for snagging a brand ambassador status with Pretty Little Thing and even releasing her own edit with the clothing label, was proving that skimpy does it, here. The photo showed the Brit posing 60's style in cat-wing shades and a Brigitte Bardot-style headscarf, with the eye and headwear being all the model wore.

Demi, posing with parted lips, long nails, and a folie-folie charm, then took to her caption for a little depth.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!


Demi, addressing fans, wrote: "The way we reflect the world around us is the direct reflection of the world within us."

Over 340,000 likes have been left, including one from model Blac Chyna – the Fashion Nova face used to have something in common with former Fashion Nova partner Demi, but it looks like Rose has ditched the apparel giant since shacking up with Pretty Little Thing. Demi's range includes eye-wateringly-tight latex pants – perfect for the apple bottom, if you can squeeze in!

See Her Topless Shot Below!


Demi might come with skimpy in the headlines, but the model has been in the news for sharing her deep and inner thoughts of late. Particularly, ones regarding finding a soulmate. Rose, who had a brief fling with rapper Tyga in 2016, is single since her 2019 split from DJ Chris Martinez.

"I don't worry, no. My thought is you are either experiencing life alone or you're experiencing life with a partner," she recently said. "How do you choose to live it? Sure being with someone is nice but how amazing is it to walk it alone."

See her topless towels photo below!

Tibetan Style

Demi Rose

You'd be a fool to think it's all lipsticks and hair accessories for Demi. The model, hugely into spirituality and healing, recently shared her Tibetan practices, even throwing in her love of juices.

"I started my morning attempting to make celery juice. My juicer wasn't working so I just ordered a new one. I went to my meditation room. I had prayer after I ended it with the mantra "Om mani Padme hum" which is a traditional Tibetan chant."

Scroll for Demi proving see-through dresses don't need bras.

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