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Salma Hayek amid leaves

Salma Hayek Pulls Stunts After Wet Bikini Struggle

By Rebecca Cukier

Salma Hayek is putting her massive DDs struggling in a bikini behind her. The 54-year-old Hollywood heavyweight will likely make headlines all week for her jaw-dropping drenched bikini snaps shared yesterday, with the "Like A Boss" actress having now clocked over 1.9 million likes for sitting wet amid ocean waters and throwing her head back in a bikini most women would fear a wardrobe malfunction in. Salma, who recently celebrated hitting 17 million Instagram followers, is now onto something new. Stunts. Check it out below.

It's Always Bikini Season

Salma Hayek in bikini and seated

Scroll for the full bikini gallery, plus Hayek's latest post. The Mexican, who has still not disclosed the location of her exotic travels, has, however, made headlines for them and up the wazoo, from downing tequila shots with lime to showcasing her major assets in a purple bikini to wrap up 2020.

Salma's Tuesday update, seeing her both on land and in water, came with the bombshell near-bursting out her black bikini, but the vibe was peaceful as Hayek meditated amid nature, writing: "We need to keep our cool."

Keeping Her Cool

Salma Hayek meditates in bikini

Keep scrolling for the latest post. Salma, who posed with closed eyes, two hands to her head, and then a way more zen snap while going yogi on land, is now back to promoting the real money-maker.

On Wednesday, she posted stills from upcoming movie "The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard" co-starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds, and it was a mean leather look. Salma, seen strapped to a chair and in a biker jacket and tight pants, then took to her caption to shout out being 54 and doing it all yourself.

See Her Swimsuit Snacking Below!


Salma, confident, took to her caption, telling fans: "Never let anyone tell you you are too old."

"Get ready for this summer where at 54 I get to pull some of my best stunts ever," she added, also offering the standard Spanish translation: "Nunca dejes que nadie te diga que estás muy viejo o vieja Prepárate para este verano, porque a los 54 años de edad me verán hacer algunas de las mejores escenas de action que he hecho #action."

See the swimsuit snack below!

Instagram Following Shoots Up

Salma Hayek snacking in swimsuit

Salma, who gained 100,000 followers overnight last year with her bubble bath treasure hunt, is fresh from hitting the 17 million mark on IG, also being one of the few actresses in her age bracket to consistently continue gaining followers. The account has, in the last year, made headlines for seeing Hayek shave an alpaca, show off her pet owl Kering at Christmas, and, of course, highlight the jaw-dropping bikini curves.

Salma does, however find herself subject to X-rated comments, last year also sparking requests she join adult subscription site OnlyFans.

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