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Hailie Jade in a hat from a car

Eminem's Daughter Hailie Greases Her Gears In Morning Leather

By Rebecca Cukier

Eminem's 25-year-old daughter Hailie Jade is going hell for leather while revving up the engine. The daughter to 48-year-old "Rap God" superstar Eminem made sure her mid-week Instagram update was an eye-catching one – of course, with today seeing President Elect Joe Biden inaugurated, the post talking about "power" was clearly sending a bit of a political message. Hailie, followed by 2 million, also showed off another of her stunning style displays, and yes, she wears a beanie just like dad Em. Check it out below.

Freedom Ride

Hailie Jade in a tight top

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Hailie makes headlines for a return to Instagram following months of COVID silence last year. In fact, "2020" was her "explanation" as she seemingly needed no full outline over why she was quiet.

The photo, a stunning car shot and seeing Hailie in selfie mode, showed the influencer cocking her head, smiling, and in a quilted black leather jacket and super-cute cream knitted beanie. Hailie seemed out in the country as her clear roof windows showed tree tops, and she was feeling on top of the world.

Keep Scrolling For The Snap!

Hailie Jade in a car

Hailie, who tends to send out good vibes and is not a chip off the old block when it comes to provocation, shot the camera a direct gaze, then writing: "Hi here’s a friendly reminder that you have the power to make today a good day 🖤."

"Hay hay," a term dad Em used for his daughter in his lyrics, manifested in the comments section, with a fan writing: "Hope this year all your dreams come true Hay hay." See the shot and more photos below!

See Her Bikini Body Below!

Hailie Jade car selfie

Hailie, whose birthday falls on Christmas Day, made headlines on December 25, 2020, precisely for ushering in her 25th year on the 25th. Posing in a stunning, black strapless dress and backed by gold balloons spelling out "25," the beauty told fans:

"25 on the 25th 🥂✨ ⁣ even though this isn’t the “golden” birthday i originally would’ve planned, i know i will still make 25 my year regardless. I feel so blessed & lucky to be here and at this place in my life ."

Scroll for her bikini abs!

Abs Wipe Out Instagram

Hailie Jade

Hailie made headlines over 2020 for teasing workout videos, and it looks like girl could totally make it in the fitness world. A May photo last year, showed Hailie looking to move past anxieties and make things less "chaotic," with the star writing:

"Not exactly sure what that will look like yet but at the very least i will be pushing my butt to workout! So keep an eye on my stories if you need some motivation because i know i certainly could use some lately 😂🙌🏼💪."

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