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Demi Rose close up and by oceans

Demi Rose's DD Pillows Escape On A Yacht

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose's massive DDs just got unleashed on a yacht. The 25-year-old model and social media sensation was stripped down to a barely-there and plastic strung bikini earlier this week, with that boat getting rocked by more than just the water. Demi, recently gaining yet another 100,000 Instagram followers for a fanbase now sitting at 15.7 million, updated with a rare throwback on Monday, with the yacht shot seeing the Pretty Little Thing ambassador flaunt everything from the 24-inch waist to the mega assets. Check it out below.

It's Always Bikini Season

Demi Rose in beach bikini

Scroll for the photo. If you don't live inside Demi's Instagram, the Brit has been big-time ramping up the clothing action as she drops an edit with Pretty Little Thing, but don't be fooled in thinking the range doesn't include those itty-bitty bikinis.

Demi, who posed with a cleavage resembling puffy pillows, showcased her sizzling curves in a just-about-protecting-her peach bikini, with the patch-on bottoms as tiny as the super-busty top – Demi rested her hand against the yacht, writing: "Island life" as she tagged herself at Ibiza Magic Island.

Keep Scrolling For The Snap!

Demi Rose seated in boots

Demi, who wore her tousled hair in a bit of a bedhead finish, was told she's "unreal" by a fan who "can't get over" her, and it was a similar deal throughout the comments also bringing in over 600,000 likes.

Demi ain't just frolicking around in bikinis these days, though. The travel nut is designing her own clothes following the October 2020 announcement that she now fronts Pretty Little Thing, and she's also been opening up on just about every aspect of her life.

See More Photos Below!

Demi Rose in yacht bikini

Demi is fresh from being asked if she ever thinks she'll meet her soulmate. The star, single since her 2019 split from DJ Chris Martinez, replied:

"I don't worry, no. My thought is you are either experiencing life alone or you're experiencing life with a partner. How do you choose to live it? Sure being with someone is nice but how amazing is it to walk it alone. When they/re meant to come. God willing it'll be the perfect timing for your life!"

Scroll for Demi on safari with buttocks bare.

Buttocks Bare For Safari

Demi Rose

Demi's more recent travel headlines came with a #Africa. The model visited Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda on a giant safari trip over the holidays, and it brought everything from a gorilla hangout to Demi feeding giraffes from a swing.

2020, meanwhile, brought bigger travel headlines as Demi ditched the U.K. for good, choosing to settle in Ibiza, Spain. Demi, who admitted a miserable London lock-down, called the move the "best decision" she'd ever made.

Scroll for Demi lifting her shirt while fully braless on a balcony at sunrise.

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