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Liz Hurley close up and indoors

Elizabeth Hurley's Braless Leg Hike Requires Strict Warning

By Rebecca Cukier

Elizabeth Hurley yanking up both legs while totally braless in a spilling pink dress is making waves on the 55-year-old's Instagram. The legendary model, "Austin Powers"actress, and exto British actor Hugh Grant today slipped out of her bikini and back into another of her slinky home dresses, with Liz's 1.8 million Instagram followers getting their favorite bombshell doing exactly what Hollywood can't seem to get right – staying TF home because there's a global pandemic going on. This girl's doing just fine her way.

Literally, Just STAY HOME

Liz on steps in dress

Elizabeth, who has not spent the pandemic gallivanting around private islands and getting there by private jet. Rather, the Elizabeth Beach Hurley founder, hunkered down with eight others in the U.K., has been cramming her IG with #stayhome, today going super leggy and showing off her stylish interiors.

Hurley, who was snapped lying on her back with both legs kicked up and in a pink, strappy, and no-bra velour minidress, also rocked gold high heels and her gorgeous smile, plus one mean cleavage display.

She's Still At Home!


Elizabeth didn't just flaunt her killer legs, she offered two shots, plus a caption, one that reminded fans she's making the "most of it," but the star likewise extended warmth and practical advice as COVID hits its second surge. "Stay home stay safe" appeared in hashtag form, with the gorgeous stunner being told she's just this.

Headlines from Liz have been busy, despite the lock-down. She's been interviewed extensively about a pretty touching reveal, one that's seen the brunette say she's terrifying of getting vulnerable bubble members sick with any errands.

Little Miss Organized


Proving she's not a bimbo, Liz told Hello! just how organized her quarantine is.

"We've all got designated jobs, which I couldn't resist putting on a colour-coded Excel sheet. I'm in charge of meal planning, food shopping and laundry. If it weren't for the fact that we're terrified of losing loved ones, we're actually quite happy cocooned up together," she told the magazine, adding:

"The TV isn't allowed to be turned on until 6pm so we don't turn into couch potatoes."

Keeping Busy With Marmalade

Liz Hurley

Elizabeth, fresh from flaunting her massive marmalades with nearly 50 home-made jars and ex Hugh Grant commenting, has been keeping green-thumbed while in Herefordshire.

"Secretly, I'd much rather be gardening than doing anything else. I've been outside doing things for at least five hours a day. My brother bought me a set of what he calls 'lady tools', which are lightweight," she added. If you're wondering about ex Hugh, he thinks Liz is perfect for "Paddington," and yes, she did showcase her perfect marmalade jars.

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