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Salma Hayek close up

Salma Hayek's Massive Mood-Makers Struggle In Miniscule Bikini

By Rebecca Cukier

Salma Hayek just clocked 750,000 likes in under an hour, exposing her massive bikini cleavage in the stringiest, most teensiest two-piece around. The 54-year-old actress, still refusing to share where she's been vacationing since Dec 29, 2020, is instead making sure fans get the mystery made up for – by updating with her jaw-dropping assets on show and drenched while seemingly meditating for her "instamood." Salma, who has crammed her Instagram with curvy bikini snaps all 2021, is seemingly nowhere near done.

The Warm-Up Wasn't Bad

Salma Hayek in bikini, hat

Salma, who made headlines at the end of last year for kicking it all off in her purple bikini, then whacked on her chocolate-brown one, with the "Frida" actress now adding to the pile with snaps posted on Tuesday. Salma, who just celebrated hitting 17 million Instagram followers, sat cross-legged in shallow waters amid a murky beach and, well, she glowed.

Hayek, seemingly struggling in a black bikini that left little to the imagination, closed her eyes and got zen at the head, but she drove Instagram mad.

Keeping Her Cool


Salma, now leaving half of Instagram hot under the collar, very much kept up her cool, showing off milky skin, plus a swipe-right that took it on land. Here, the Mexican, still rocking her bikini like Demi Rose, was meditating with palms up and on beach sands near bushes. A caption from the Hollywood superstar told fans that "We need to keep our cool" as she added hashtags of "instamood" and "calm."

"I am looking respectfully" now tops comments with over 282 likes in 60 minutes.

Told It's A 'Dream Body'

Salma Hayek in bikini on beach

A Salma Hayek fanpage account has been gaining likes with its reply, telling "The Eternals" actress that she's "my dream body when I'm on a diet." You might be interested to hear that the woman last year admitting her assets were too large for her German peasant dress, doesn't come with all the confidence in the world, per her Redbook Mag interview.

“I am 5-2, and in Mexico it was very important to be tall. People used to say that the short thing was a deformity… I’d come home saying, Everybody teases me.’ …"

Loves How She Looks

 Salma Hayek snacking in swimsuit

Nobody's complaining, and that includes 2009-married billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault. Salma, whose OG curves last year saw her spark OnlyFans requests from her IG followers, addressed her shape with confidence as she turned 50 four years ago.

“I never exercised my whole life, but now I do yoga. I was always borderline chubby, because I like my food and frankly, I like my wine," she said, adding that “I feel great. I looked worse in my youth! I’m in good shape right now."

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