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Kourtney kardashian with hair down

Kourtney Kardashian Entices On Her 'Shell Phone' In Sandy Bikini

Instagram @Kourtney Kardashian
By Jacob Highley

Kourtney Kardashian has always carried herself in a way that differed from her sisters. While she is by no means the only comedic member of her family, her online success is greatly complimented by her frequent comedic captions on her social media, paired with absolutely stunning modeling photoshoots.

At 41-years-old she is the eldest of the Kardashian sisters (a year older than her sister Kim) though intriguingly her follower count is almost 50% lower in number compared to several  of her younger siblings. Trailing even Khloé by 20 million on Instagram. (Though the numbers are much closer on Twitter for all of the Kardashian sisters)

Sandy Social Waves

Kourtney Kardashian selfie
Instagram @Kourtney Kardashian

Despite the perceived gap between Kourtney and her sisters in terms of followers, she has by no means dimmed amid the ever present limelight upon their family. If anything having relatives who boast such large follower bases has only bolstered her as a reputable model and influencer. (It also helps that she is frequently mentioned by her sisters across multiple social platforms)

Her latest photos have been dazzling, sporting various bikini sets and enjoying what appears to be some well-timed vacation trips with white sandy beaches.

People Are Star Struck

Kourtney Kardashian with pool
Instagram @Kourtney Kardashian

Assuming the reader is as curious about the fan reactions as most reporters, it should come as little surprise to see that she received nearly 9 thousands comments and 1.4 million likes on her sandy booty bikini post.

She cleverly captioned her post saying: “You used to call me on my shell phone” (Kourtney)

Here are a few of those comments:

”ooooohhhh that top 😭😍✨” (Commentator) “ok this is everything” (Commentator) “Sandy cheeks” (Commentator) “you look gorgeous” (Commentator) “this was the most mom caption” (Commentator) 


Kourtney Kardashain with bikini
Instagram @Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney made headlines earlier this week and last week after sharing pictures in preparation to say goodbyes to the long-time crew of “KUWTK” as the show’s last seasons comes to a close. Her loyalty to the show that has seen incredible popularity online prompted various outlets to feature her sentiments. 

She stated multiple times that she will miss the show and all that has come from it. This is made even more significant considering the controversy that surrounded and still surrounds her romantic life with Scott Disick. 

Stretch Marks?

Kourtney Kardashian on boat
Instagram @Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney also shared that despite some people noticing some stretch marks in her latest pictures, she has never really cared about them, preferring to find beauty in that part of her body. 

“I’ve had stretch marks since eighth or ninth grade on the side of my booty,” she revealed. "I never cared about them—I like them!"

She has even gone so far as to write about how they are a “natural part” of women’s bodies and shouldn’t be seen as a negative, especially since they can appear even when someone is exercising consistently. 

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