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Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Rocks '60s Style Minidress And Killer Pink Crocodile Boots

By Jeff Mazzeo

Dua Lipa's fashion sense is totally groovy!

The "Don't Start Now" singer showed off her impeccable '60s style ahead of her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on January 18. Lipa called into Kimmel's show via zoom but it's a good thing Instagram was invented because her chic outfit was barely visible. Luckily for her millions of fashionista followers, she shared some 'fit pics that would make Austin Powers proud. Yeah, baby!!!

Scroll down to see her stylish outfit!

Saying 'Yes, Please!' To The Dress

Dua Lipa wearing a '60s style outfit.

Dua stunned in an amazing dress dubbed "Look 18" from Moschino's Pre-Fall 2021 showcase. With the help of her stylist, Lorenzo Posocco, she added a lovely pair of knee-high, Croco Stiletto Boots by Paris Texas to help carry the '60s look further. She included two pearly clips on either side of her hippyish center-parted hair. Believe us when we tell you that all the brands were ecstatic that Dua modeled their gear!

Clearing Up Pregnancy Rumors

Dua Lipa teasing her 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' appearance.

As we previously mentioned, it's a good thing Instagram was invented now that we are in the Zoom interview era. All 59.3 million followers on the popular social media platform always get treated to her latest looks and they try to decipher hidden meanings from her captions. That's precisely what Jimmy Kimmel interviewed her about on the January 18 appearance. She cleared up some silly pregnancy rumors that started when she captioned a hot pic with baby bottle emojis.

"I like finding little random emojis," she told Kimmel. "I really didn't think this through."

She continued and explaining that people thought she was pregnant because of the random emojis.

"These emojis have come to bite me in the a**!" she said. "I am not pregnant just to clear it up."

Getting Her Knickers In A Twist

Dua Lipa in a pink outfit.

Dua also revealed that she is very superstitious and claims it's due to her Albanian roots. Kimmel asked her what some of the strange rules and customs she believes in and she listed a bunch of strange ones. "Don't take the trash out at night, don't wash your clothes on a Friday, if your nose itches you are going to get angry so you have to touch your bum..."

She went on and on but we found one stranger than the others. "So the Evil Eye doesn't get you, you have to wear your underwear inside out!" she explained. She's nominated for a bunch of Grammys so whatever she's doing is working!

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