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Chanel West Coast pouts in a hat

Chanel West Coast Is British In Unicorn Bathrobe With Tea

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast just mesmerized the digital space with her "British accent" and skimpy unicorn bathrobe. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star proved she can lip sync like the teens on TikTok today, uploading super early and after she'd filmed her bedroom in total darkness – MTV gigs do not come with lie-ins. Chanel, who switched from Insta to the more gen-z-friendly platform for her bathrobe action, even threw in Britain's favorite drink, seen with a cup of tea as she reminded her followers they're total losers.

Reminding You You're A Loser

Chanel West Coast selfie

Fans can always count on Chanel West Coast for a bump back down to reality. The TikTok showed the "No Plans" rapper taking a break from the "America's Sweetheart" album promo and instead channeling all things British.

Peeking from behind shades and backed by loud floral wallpaper, Chanel rocked a pastel blue bathrobe with fun purple unicorns, a messy and half gone bun, and she delivered her "Good morning my darlings," saying: "Just a reminder. If you're not sure someone likes you, they don't."

Never Dull With Chanel

Chanel West Coast in bathrobe

Chanel, who added "for your page" hashtags and reminded fans that her content is "viral," now sees her followers chiming in. "I like ridiculousness," one fan wrote, and it's good timing, with Chanel recently making headlines for rocking latex thigh-highs on Season 21 of the series. Chanel joined "Fantasy Factory" in 2009 as a secretary and "Ridiculousness" in 2011.

"Haha!! the hair is definitely a look to inspire to have," one fan replied, although fans weren't duped. Nobody was thinking West Coast is actually British.

Instagram Getting Busy


Click here for the TikTok. Chanel boasts far more followers on her IG, where 3.5 million fans are subscribed. The rapper, who has been cramming the feed with promo for her October 2020-dropped album, made headlines last year for ranting that she doesn't get enough Instagram likes, but she's received little in the way of complaints since "America's Sweetheart" dropped. She's also been busy promoting the EP's latest "40 Yard Dash" single.

In fact, feedback to Chanel's most recent post, one honoring Martin Luther King, came with one fan shouting out special praise.

Fan Comment Over MLT Post

Chanel West Coast in bikini and wings

Chanel was told: "Crazy How When You Show Skin And You 30k Likes And Now This Is Something With Substance And Everyone Jump Off Of The Ship!!! Wow."

Chanel herself replied, writing: "amen thank you!!! 🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️ What is wrong with people?" FWIW, Chanel has complained in the past that her ascending a private jet in Daisy Dukes gets a ton of views, but that her actual performances don't. West Coast has also scaled it back amid COVID on the live music front, but not the parties, bragging that she and her friends all tested negative.

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