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Woman in red top taking selfie

Demi Moore's Daughter, Tallulah Willis, Stuns In 'Groovy' Selfie

Tallulah Willis / Instagram
By Gary Trock

The youngest daughter shared by Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis is sharing a photo from when she was at an emotional high while admitting that not every day can be your best. 26-year-old Tallulah Willis took to Instagram over the weekend while reflecting on all the success and accomplishments she's recently recorded.

Of the things she's thankful for, Tallulah touched on her successful career as a fashion designer and her loving relationship with longtime boyfriend Dillon Buss, who is a film director and photographer.

Today Was a Good Day

Woman sitting on red couch and smiling
Tallulah Willis / Instagram

"[This] is from yesterday — I woke up feeling groovy and just a little [sic] jazzed up," Tallulah wrote while showing herself grinning into the camera and basking in some sunlight peeking through the window of her home.

She continued, "I am in love, I have fostered gorgeous relationships with my friends/family members, I have a business that I cherish. I was in the present."

However, Tallulah admitted that the photo from the previous day was definitely not how she was feeling when sharing it on social media.

Feeling Off

Woman sitting on couch in athletic wear
Tallulah Willis / Instagram

Today I woke up funny, just off, seeing my world a bit clouded," Tallulah Willis revealed about her change in attitude.

She added, "The joy I felt previously just slipping through my fingertips a bit more each hour that passed. None of the things I listed above changed, my noggin just changed."

Tallulah then shared some insight on others who may have similar emotional struggles:

"I luckily have some tools to help me move through my funk, but it’s little moments like this, not always the huge catastrophe feelings, that make up someone with mental health struggles day to day."

Connecting With Fans

Woman in red pajamas laying in bed
Tallulah Willis / Instagram

Fans were extremely supportive of Tallulah Willis amid her emotional honesty, and many took to the comment section of her Instagram post to show some love.

"Thank you for sharing your journey so openly and honestly ❤ This is always the hardest part for me to deal with... being perfectly content and happy one day and then slip back in the next," one fan commented to the star.

"Tallulah, this is so beautifully said. ❤️ I find the ups and downs can be rather daunting for many. And like you said, nothing changed except your thoughts and mood," another fan wrote.

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