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Demi Rose DDs Fall Out Of String Bikini On Yacht While 'Daydreaming'

By Ryan Naumann

Demi Rose could barely contain her bust while partying on a yacht with her close girlfriends.

Over the weekend, the 25-year-old model shared a sizzling snap of her aboard a boat. She poses on the deck while wearing a tiny orange string bikini. Demi, who currently lives in Ibizia, tagged her location as Es Vedrà. She looked stunning while leaving little to the imagination.

One of her many followers commenting, "Body AND spirit goals 🙌🏻💫✨thank you for sharing so much light and happiness the past weeks ❤️"


Demi, who has nearly 16 million followers, decided to participate in a question & answer with her fans. One asked "Demi do you worry about how or if you'll ever meet your soul mate? Been thinking about this a lot."

The single model replied, "I don't worry, no. My thought is you are either experiencing life alone or you're experiencing life with a partner. How do you choose to live it? Sure being with someone is nice but how amazing is it to walk it alone. When they/re meant to come. God willing it'll be the perfect timing for your life!"


Back in 2016, Demi dated rapper Tyga for a couple of weeks. They caused quite the stir after being photographed together on dinner dates. It was a big deal at the time because Tyga had just broken up with Kylie Jenner.

Demi has had a couple of uneventful relationships after Tyga but her next serious romance was with U.K.-based DJ Chris Martinez. However, things ended between the two ended in October 2019.

Another Demi fan asked the Pretty Little Thing spokesperson, "How did you start your morning?"


Demi wrote, "I started my morning attempting to make celery juice. My juicer wasn't working so I just ordered a new one. I went to my meditation room. I had prayer after I ended it with the mantra "Om mani Padme hum" which is a traditional Tibetan chant."

She continued, "I then trained with my trainer after had a vegan protein shake. I then played my Gongs with meditation to encourage positive thoughts and I'm now in the bath with my crystals."

Demi was asked her opinion on daydreaming and whether she thought it was a waste of time. She said, "All day I dream. Seriously, I didn't have the imagination I wouldn't be half the person I am today. I love to wonder, I love to question what is, I like to imagine a world of positivity, I like to ignore the news because quite relatively it's quite a lot of us to consume .... all the bad things we hear. If we weren't in touch with all the bad that's happening in the world we would have more inner peace, right?"

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