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Selma Blair Flaunts Feet In Vibrant Ruby Slippers

Selma Blair / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Selma Blair is ready to take off on a journey down the yellow brick road after sharing her recent footwear choice on social media. The iconic "Cruel Intentions" actress took to Instagram over the weekend and revealed her stunning Outfit of the Day, which included a stunning black ensemble accessorized with a dashing pop of cherry from her shoes. Blair explained that it was important for her to get dressed up and hit the town, even if most things are at a standstill these days.

Clicking Her Heels

Woman in black hat, cane and ruby slippers
Selma Blair / Instagram

Wearing a large-brimmed black hat and an oversized black jacket, Selma Blair displayed her feet inside a cozy pair of ruby slippers.

"I put on a hat and some ruby slippers," Blair captioned her series of photos, which even featured the actress looking a bit disheveled after losing her hat.

She continued, "I walked along melrose place. So empty. Still beautiful even when bereft. Tried on this winter piece at @apc_paris .Thinking how cozy a roomy overcoat is on a snowy east coast day. Or today. Even in LA."

Biggest Fan

Photo of a photograph of a woman next to a fan
Selma Blair / Instagram

Every A-list star has that special moment when they encountered their #1 fan ... and Selma Blair is no exception. However, the actress thought it more fun to drop a pun about having her "biggest fan" while sharing some throwback pictures of herself as a young teen at summer camp.

"Throwback to when I stood next to my biggest fan at summer camp (and we can all agree I look better for it)," Blair wrote while standing next to an actual fan.

Cleaning & Organizing

Woman in pink sweater taking selfie with flower
Selma Blair / Instagram

Selma Blair's ruby red slipper shots come on the heels of the actress explaining to fans how she's been spending her recent days while living through the neverending quarantine around Los Angeles.

"I am home. Cleaning. Cleaning all the time. Giving things away to people who could use them. Why do I have so much stuff? I can’t stop cleaning because... I want to be lighter. I want the fog to lift. I want things in their place," Blair wrote to her fans.

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