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Elizabeth Hurley close up

Elizabeth Hurley Flaunts Her Massive Marmalades In Peek-A-Boo Bra

By Rebecca Cukier

Elizabeth Hurley, who has 47 jars of marmalade and no clue what to do with them, is flaunting her massive cleavage to lighten up Instagram. The 55-year-old model and "Austin Powers" actress' update turned her weekend photo into one very fruiyt affair, with the British bombshell and swimwear designer going both light-hearted and sexy as she showed off her jars and assets. Liz, followed by 1.8 million, posed looking red hot in a busty look, with the reveal showing what "lock-down" has brought. Check it out below.

All Those Oranges


Scroll for the photo. It comes as Liz makes headlines for appearing on "Drag Race UK" and sharing her unusual quarantine, one that sees the star as part of a group of nine and hunkered down in Herefordshire, U.K.

Liz's Sunday photo brought her smiling and posing indoors while in tight jeans and a belly-baring cream cardigan worn shirtless and peeking a nude bra beneath. The Elizabeth Hurley Beach founder, backed by a window, was holding up two jars of marmalade, with the caption explaining more.

Keep Scrolling For The Snap!


Liz, who flashed her pearly whites and her DDs for a busty finish, showed off her perfect jars, also writing:

"Lockdown has turned me into a demented housewife: 47 jars of marmalade nestling in my larder with more Seville oranges awaiting me 🤷🏻‍♀️."

"Got any jams going spare?" one fan asked, with another quickly writing: "The question will then be how to secretly feed 47 jars of marmalade to your family without them finding out the secret ingredient is Sugary Marmalade!😊😁."

See the snap below!

Scroll For Her Xmas Bikini!

Liz holding marmalade jars

Elizabeth, who has opened up on quarantine, has been proving she ain't part of the celebrity gang jetting out to private islands or 5-star hotels amid the pandemic. Speaking to Hello! the actress revealed she's following protocol down to the last letter.

"There are nine of us. I have my whole family here, including my mother, an aunt and a friend who has severe respiratory problems. I am completely paranoid that I won't be able to keep them safe, and I haven't let anyone leave the house apart from me."

See the Xmas bikini and polar bears below!

Talk About Christmas!

Elizabeth Hurley in xmas bikini card

Elizabeth made holiday headlines for delivering a massive bikini overload and posing in skimpy swimwear with polar bears. The card, which proved hugely popular on the star's Instagram, was followed by sultry, slit-legged New Year's snaps, but Liz has admitted that the partying is toned-down amid COVID. In fact, she's admitted pandemic life is, well, quite something.

"I'm in charge of meal planning, food shopping and laundry. If it weren't for the fact that we're terrified of losing loved ones, we're actually quite happy cocooned up together. The TV isn't allowed to be turned on until 6pm so we don't turn into couch potatoes."

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