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Ariel Winter close up in pajamas

Ariel Winter Unzips Pajamas While Unimpressed At 2021

By Rebecca Cukier

Ariel Winter unzipped her pajamas while bending over last night – because she ain't impressed with 2021 so far. The 22-year-old "Modern Family" actress, who closed 2020 on a high with an Xmas tree snuggle featuring boyfriend Luke Benward, was seemingly less-enthusiastic on Saturday evening, although her post did include the pandemic's biggest loungewear trend. Ariel, who wore Yoda pajamas and showcased her cleavage in her gorgeous photos, kept fans glued to her page and, it would seem, agreeing with the caption. Check it out below.

Calls 2021 A 'Sh*tshow'

Ariel Winter outdoors in short skirt

Scroll for the photos. They come as Ariel makes headlines for entering 2021 with 25-year-old boyfriend Luke, although the actor didn't feature in his girlfriend's post last night. Rather, Ariel's 4.4 million followers saw her in selfie mode, home, and in a fun onesie PJ set in bright blue. Ariel was looking gorgeous highlighting her "Game of Thrones"-inspired blonde hair, a bold red lip, and the freckles she mentioned in her caption – unzipped is always popular on Winter's IG, though, with the star obliging here.

Scroll For More Photos!

Ariel Winter home in pajamas

Ariel, who rocked a rather unimpressed facial expression and offered a ton more close-ups as fans swiped right, took to her caption and without need to directly mention COVID. The ABC face told fans:

"What we dreamed 2021 would be vs. the shitshow 2021 turned out to be 👀 and somehow my freckles are really out here even though I literally haven’t been in the sun for what feels like forever sooooooo 🤷🏼‍♀️💃🏼 #2021."

"Ceeeeeeuuuut" quickly came in from boyfriend Benward. See more photos below!

2020 Hardly Dull

Ariel Winter home in pajamas

Ariel made global headlines in 2020, first for the April end of "Modern Family" as she wrapped up 11 years on the sitcom, then for chopping off her thumb by accident while attempting Greek cooking at home. Ariel was then in the news for dying her hair blonde and "pinkie pie" pink, even landing herself a promo for haircare brand John Frieda.

If you're wondering what Winter is up to now, just watch out for her quarantine-set "Don't Log Off" movie, one that features her new boyfriend. More photos after the jump.

Quarantine Movie

Ariel Winter selfie blonde

Ariel, who takes on an executive producer role in "Dont' Log Off," marked the movie being all done last year, writing:

“AND WE ARE WRAPPED. Congratulations and thank you to our whole team — especially the very talented [Brandon Baer] and [Garrett Baer], our wonderful writers/directors. This movie really is an ensemble and I’m honored to be sharing the screen with my friends and producing this with a few of them as well!!!!!”

If you missed Ariel accidentally flashing her bare bum at a Chinese grocery store, just scroll.

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