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Rapper Bow Wow BLASTED After Performing In Packed, Mostly Maskless Nightclub

By Mike Walters

Rapper Bow Wow is being blasted after performing to a PACKED nightclub crown in Houston, Texas where many fans were also not wearing a mask!

The 'Growing Up Hip-Hop' star shared footage on Instagram of the seemingly sold-out performance -- which would normally be something to promote -- except during an increasingly more deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Bow Wow started trending on Twitter Saturday morning after shocked fans and followers began sharing footage from inside of the packed nightclub, where it appears the majority of the crowd is not wearing a mask!

Check It Out!

Bow Wow Performs For Packed Houston, Texas Nightclub!


As you can see, the nightclub is jam-packed and it appears only a few concertgoers are wearing their masks inside the club. Plus, it doesn't seem the 'social distancing' guidelines are able to be met, after seeing the size of the crowd.

The rapper's fans are taking to social media to vent their frustration and disbelief that so many people would put themselves at risk to see the rapper perform. Or, that Bow Wow would sanction such an event.

Take A Look Inside!

See Inside The Packed & Mostly Maskless Crowd!


It should be noted -- the city of Houston is located in Harris County, Texas which has clocked in over 278,000 Coronavirus cases and 3,723 people have lost their lives.

Unfortunately, many are venting their frustration with the situation by trolling Bow Wow for possibly spreading the virus inside of the club. "I can think of a million better ways to die... but to be struggling on a vent bc you went to see bow wow in the year of our lord 2021...that ain’t it," one person tweeted.

See Footage From Inside Of The Event!

Not The First Time...


Another person added:

God: Why are you at the pearly gates this early?

Peanut & ‘em: uh, we got COVID after seeing Bow Wow and...

God: Y’all died over Bow Wow?

Shockingly, this isn't the first time in the past few weeks Bow Wow has taken heat for throwing parties during the COVID-19 pandemic. The famous rapper posted a video of himself last week, packed into a small boat, with a grip of scantily clad women. Again, no one was wearing masks. Plus, of course, many trolled him for the size of his boat too. See The Video...Below.

Terrible? Or Sign Of The Times?!

You Be The Judge...

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