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Gymnast Nastia Liukin Basks In 'Golden Hour' Flaunting Flawless Body

By Mike Walters

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is a ray of sunshine...literally!

The five-time gold-medal-winning gymnastics champion just shared a jaw-dropping set of photos on Instagram, where she is basking in the sun's perfect light, at the perfect time of the day. Nastia's 'golden hour' consisted of the professional athlete turned influencer showing off her perfectly toned physique and unique eye for style and sophistication.

As the sun begins to heat up in Nastia's hometown of Dallas, Texas -- the stunner is using its beautiful glow to set up mind-blowing IG shots!

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Perfectly Glowing!


'(You’re my) golden hour 🌙,' Nastia captioned the glowing photos!

In the stunning snaps, Nastia is posing in the perfect sunlight to highlight her shredded body and perfect skin. She is sporting a white crop top, showing just enough to stop IG dead in its tracks, along with a skintight pair of high waisted jeans.

"HOLY COW!!! You are beautiful!!! ❤️," is all one fan could say after seeing the shots. Another added, "Amazing AMERICAN BEAUTY!"

As for who is she is referring to in her caption, Nastia hasn't exactly been upfront about her current dating situation!

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Melting Down Instagram!


Recently, Nastia announced she had a new man on her arm but turns out it was her cute puppy, Harley! The 31-year-old Olympian introduced the new dude in her life, with a pair of posts and a series of photos of the adorable fur baby.

As we reported, Nastia was previously dating NFL star Sam Martin after splitting from her previous fiance. The Olympian has told her million followers that she is going to keep this part of her life, private, for now as she navigates her other businesses. BTW -- this isn't the first time Nastia has shared mind-blowing shots in the beautiful Texas sun! Who is ready for bikini season?!

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Clapping Back At All The Haters!


Don't get it twisted, Nastia deals with plenty of haters on her social media too -- but, knows just how to deal with the anonymous trolls!

As we reported, the Olympian recently posted a heart-stopping photo of her showing off flexibility in a pair of skintight spandex, and a hater commented on how she has 'gross skinny chicken legs.'

But, instead of getting upset, Nastia clapped back posting a hotshot showcasing her strength while in the upside-down splits position. Ya, try doing this one at home!

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