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Blac Chyna's Mom Tokyo Toni Trashes Cardi B After Nicki Minaj Hang

By Ryan Naumann

Cardi B is speaking out after Blac Chyna's mom Toyko Toni trashed her on Instagram live.

Recently, Toyko posted a video on her social media talking a bunch of mess about Cardi. She said, "Cardi B, Be a leader bi-ch. You already said you wasn't. How true. You calm triflin a-s behavior."

She told Cardi to "su-k my di-k" and proceed to film her grabbing on her crotch. Tokyo said, "All you bit-hes. You all some bad influence. all you bit-hes. You got people that are dying."

Instagram comment


She added "You have this thirsty a-s bit-h up here" following by her impersonation of Cardi. Tokyo seemed to have issues with Cardi pushing her political views and not focusing on the virus that is currently affecting people in America. It's unclear what set Tokyo Toni off exactly.

Cardi caught the video and wasn't impressed with Tokyo. She said, "Didn't she talk about other celebrities as well? Including her own daughter on this live? Why ya only posting what she said about me? Ya stay on DICK!"


All the mess comes after Blac Chyna was recently spotted hanging out with Cardi's on-again, off-again enemy, Nicki Minaj.

Blac Chyna's mom has a history of speaking out against people she feels are criticizing her life. She's had a years-long beef with Wendy Williams despite her daughter being close with the talk show host. Earlier this year, Tokyo took to social media to accuse Wendy of using drugs in front of her. She said they were hanging out at L.A. Pride in 2019.


The two were spotted together with Blac Chyna. Tokyo said once they arrived Wendy had to use the bathroom immediately. Tokyo said when she went into the bathroom Wendy was low energy but when she came out she was super excited with energy. Tokyo tried to imply that Wendy was using cocaine during the bathroom trip.

Chyna has been living her best life the past couple of months. She recently settled her neverending custody battle with her ex, Rob Kardashian. They will split custody of their daughter Dream.

Chyna is also suing TMZ for allegedly defaming her.

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