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Kate Beckinsale close up

Kate Beckinsale Exposes Fluffy Kitty With Chocolate Penis Lick

By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale has exposed both her kitty and her chocolate penis, and it's X-rated stuff. The 47-year-old actress, once a headline-maker for spotting "phallic" shapes on her mantelpiece, is now exploring the male member in a very literal way, posting a video of her cat exploring an edible chocolate dildo. The "Pearl Harbor" actress' Thursday Instagram update was a very sexual one, but it was likewise humorous as Kate continues to fly the flag for hilarious, off-beat posts. Check it out below.

A Very Adult Affair

Kate Beckinsale

Scroll for the video, and fair warning, you will be seeing a chocolate penis. The "Underworld" actress, seemingly having fun with chocolate anatomy following her split from 23-year-old musician Goody Grace last year, is also proving it's still all about the cats. Kate, who cares for Clive and Willow, featured one of her felines in the video, one that showed a pretty delivery box with flowers all over it and "LOVE" on the top. That was before it got opened and examined.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Kate in the bath

The box, once opened and revealed to be containing a chocolate you-know-what, seemed to have its contents sparking interest, with Kate's cat licking it up.

"Stop sending me chocolate penises please- they are toxic for cats,awkward to eat in public and disturbing to eat alone," Kate wrote in her caption.

"A little disturbing how quickly willow got right down to business with that," a fan quickly replied, with another saying: "More disturbing to eat with a friend, surely? 😆"

See the less-flattering reactions after the video.

Told She's Desperate

Kate Beckinsale leggy selfie

Kate, last year making headlines for walking her cats on leashes while in a bikini, has gotten slammed in the past, and she got it today, too. A comment gaining likes shaded the British beauty, with the fan telling her to "go find someone who gives a s---" about her "movies," ones they called "stupid."

Still, there was lots of love for the known troller. "The good old chocolate bars are the best tho❤️(I'm waiting for a sarcastic reply,👀)," a fan responded.

See her bikini body below!

See The Stretch!

Kate Beckinsale in bikini

Kate made headlines just a few days ago for showcasing her jaw-dropping flexibility while in spandex, heeled boots, and even addressing COVID. The actress was in her bedroom and spreading those legs wide, once again in the company of her cat, writing:

"By the time we get through Covid I hopefully will have learned how to nonchalantly groom my own anus and will be licensed to teach."

Kate does, however, continue to make headlines for defying her age. Scroll for the photo that had Instagram calling her "Benjamin Button."

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