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Dr. Pimple Popper Drops Jada Pinkett-Smith Joke While Squeezing Massive Cyst!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is back at it, slicing into one of the biggest cysts you have ever seen -- but this time she decided to have a little fun with Jada Pinkett-Smith while doing it!

"Thought this would be an easy squeeze, but I ended up in an entanglement. 😱. 'A Tangled Shoulder Lipoma'" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the latest pimple-popping video. If you are unaware of the 'entanglement' situation with Will Smith and his wife -- let us explain.

But, for now, take a look at this massive growth get crushed!!

Here You Go!

Here It Comes...


In the stunning video, Dr. Lee uses the good ol' slice and dice method to open the top of this shoulder cyst -- and begin to squeeze its contents out!

But, as she is about to extract the entire monster growth she finds herself in entanglement. The word gained huge popularity after it was used by Jada Pinkett-Smith to describe her relationship with singer August Alsina. Ya, she is still married to Will Smith.

Bottom line, Dr. PP got herself in a bit of a mess trying to rip this thing out -- and a mess is a great way to describe Jada's situation!

Watch This!

Full Entanglement!


"Ahhhhh! Call it Jada 😉," a fan wrote after seeing the good doctor attempting to rip the cyst out of this patient's shoulder.

The video is insane. Dr. Lee is forced to tear this bad boy out piece by piece, making it a much bigger deal than first imagined! "That looks 👀 gnarly!😉" another added. Indeed! Scroll For More Photos!

As you can see, this thing is a beast, and the doctor has quite the trouble trying to extract the entire thing from the shoulder. Remember she has to clean this all up afterwards!

Take A Look!

Watch It Fly!


"😂😂 Good one Dr. Lee!" a fan wrote after seeing it coming out!

We were wondering when someone was going to come up with a food comparison on this one, but instead, a fan just went way over the top and wrote, "WOW, that’s a big one, You should sauté that up in butter and garlic." Ok, That's too far!

Dr. Pimple Popper is currently airing on TLC and this season is FILLED with monster pop and squirts -- and a few of the biggest ones you have ever seen!

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