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Jeffree Star: I Am Definitely NOT Sleeping With Kanye West!

By Mike Walters

Famous make-artist Jeffree Star is finally addressing the insane rumor that he is dating Kanye West.

The YouTube star took to Twitter to open up about the situation, which has made frontpage news for the past few days. The gossip spread like wildfire after it was reported the rapper and make-up guru were spending time together in Wyoming.

At first, it appeared like Jeffree was fanning the flames by not directly denying his involvement in the alleged affair, but now he has decided to answer the question head-on.

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I'm Not Sleeping With Kanye West!


"I’m definitely NOT sleeping with Kanye," Star tweeted.

He continued, "But the amount of rappers in my DM’s is wilddddd bitch. Time to make a hit song in bed 😂." Damn!

The best part, not only is Jeffree denying he has any sort of romantic relationship with West, but he updated his millions of fans on his real dating life at the same time! "I’m about to go on my second date with this guy later today 🔥 He’s a police officer and has the most stunning green eyes," he tweeted.

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How The Rumor Spread Like Wildfire!


If you have been living under a rock, in the days following the massive story that Kim Kardashian and her husband may be on the way towards a divorce -- a rumor spread online that Kanye was dating Jeffree Star. The story took off after TikTok star Ava Louise posted a video, saying, "This whole divorce comes as no surprise. Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru. Male beauty guru. A lot of people in the scene have known for a while."

It didn't help that Jeffree recently made the move to Wyoming and started posting photos on social media eerily similar to the ones from Kanye's ranch.

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Kim Kardashian Reportedly 'Humiliated' By The Affair Rumors


According to multiple reports, it was Kim Kardashian who pushed the YouTube star to set the record straight after she was reportedly "humiliated" and "embarrassed" by the rumors.

"I like very tall men," Star clarified after claiming he is currently single and never spent time with the rapper. "If Kris Jenner orchestrated all this, Happy New Year, sweetie girl. I get why people are really laughing about this," he noted.

As we reported, Kim and Kanye's situation is VERY real, and the couple is on the brink of divorce. But, it doesn't appear their issues have anything to do with infidelity.

At this point, the couple has not legally filed for divorce.

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