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McKayla Maroney

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Hikes Up Shirt For Belly Button Reveal

By Jeff Mazzeo

McKayla Maroney showed off an amazing view... the scenery was very beautiful as well!

The Olympic gold medalist decided she needed a little fresh air on Wednesday. The fit star shared a stunning snap from the top of a beachside mountain after a vigorous hike. McKayla wore a hiked up shirt that left her beautiful belly button exposed. The sweaty shirt read "I'm So Bad I'm Good" and her millions of followers couldn't agree more!

Scroll down to see her hiking pic!

Great View

McKayla Maroney's hike picture.

In addition to her cute t-shirt, Maroney wore a tight pair of leggings. She removed her pink mask for the picture and stuffed it into her elastic waistband.

"needed a hike," she simply captioned her post-workout pic.

Her devoted followers let her know that they totally dig everything about the photo, including the view, while they sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"Ahhhh you’re so beautiful!!!! 😍😍😍😍" a complimentary fan wrote, while another said, " such an incredibly beautiful woman. 😍🔥🌹❤️"

Remembering Her Dad

McKayla Maroney's childhood photo with her dad.

The hike may have helped her remember the good times with her late father, Mike Maroney because she shared a beautiful throwback picture of him shortly after. McKayla and her father had big smiles on their faces as they shared a loving embrace. The gymnast revealed that her father passed away in January 2019 and she took a moment to honor his memory a year later.

She broke the news to her followers via social media and expressed how important her father was in her life. "Love u dad. I can’t believe it’s real. I don’t want to. I’ll miss you forever. Rest in peace. You were the most incredible dad,” McKayla wrote at the time. She later revealed that he passed away while trying to detox from opioids.

Teased About Not Impressed Xmas Pic

McKayla Maroney's Christmas pic.

McKayla's last post came on Christmas Day and she confessed that her family teased her about her not impressed expression in her Xmas pic.

"My whole family is making fun of how uptight I look in this picture, but it’s the only one I have... 😒😂 Merry Christmas❤️ Warmest wishes from my family to yours," she wrote at the time.

Her fans found her caption funny and informed her that she still looked beautiful.

Her millions of followers thought her post was funny but assured her that she looked beautiful.

"I wouldn’t use uptight, classy would be the word for sure haha," one supportive follower commented.

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