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Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell Uses Fake Booty For Hilarious 'Buss It' Challenge

By Jeff Mazzeo

Shay Mitchell has actually become a "Pretty Little Liar!"

The "You" star shared a very funny and very sultry "Buss It" challenge video on Monday. The star started off in a bathrobe before dropping it low when the beat changes from Nelly's classic song, “Hot in Herre” to “Buss It” by Texas rapper Erica Banks. When the song switches, Shay immediately transformed into a dolled-up beauty with a booty... but there was something a little odd about what she was packing back there!

Scroll down to see her falsies!

Keep Scrolling To see Her 'Buss It'

Shay Mitchell in a bathrobe.

The "Buss It" challenge has become extremely popular on TikTok and Shay is the latest celeb that nearly busted her knees trying to pull off the transformation from casual to Mrs. Steal-Your-Man!

Mitchel switched the bathrobe for a tight, black tube top and equally tight short shorts. She bent the knee and make her backside move but it seems like the "Pretty Little Liars" star had more junk in the trunk than we remembered.

Scroll down to see her big reveal!

Cutie With A Fake Booty!

At the end of the sultry clip, Shay was seemed to be digging for gold in the back of her shorts. It wasn't precious metal she was after, Mitchel eventually pulled out two silicone falsies, one from each cheek.

"Fake’n it 🍑," she captioned the funny video.

Her millions of followers were thrilled with her challenge and praised her sense of humor in the comments section of her post.

"GET IT, your creative evolution is fabulous to watch. So funny so sexy so authentic. You glow, gurl!" on complementary follower wrote while another said, "Lmfao you are too good! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️"

Working On Gains

Shay Mitchel working out.

Her falsies video comes just one day after she announced that she will be working on gains... especially booty gains in the new year. She shared some stunning pics of her in the gym and encouraged her fans to hop on her fitness train.

"This past year has been anything but routine, never mind trying to keep one. It’s been tough to stay motivated, so I want to use the new year to reinvigorate healthy habits, routine and most importantly healthy human interaction! I feel like fitness is a great place to start," she wrote on social media.

We love that she wants to stay healthy and fit but there is just something mesmerizing about her chowing down on pizza!

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