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Nastia Liukin in red

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Spreads Legs In Upside Down Splits

By Whitney Vasquez

Gymnast Nastia Liukin has that Olympian flexibility! The 31-year-old Hall of Famer left her followers in awe when she shared a throwback showing off her superhuman strength while in a compromising position. Taking to her social media, the blonde bombshell took her followers' requests when asked to post a series of photos of her life.

Nastia Liukin has always been an open book and made sure to answer each and every question but had a lot to say when someone came after her "gross skinny chicken legs."

It's That Olympian Flexibility For Us!

Nastia in her bikini

The decorated gymnast is known for her killer pins which are often the focus of many delicious thirst traps. Nastia Liukin's fans really love her Olympian curves and often praise her for her massive thigh gap but not everyone is impressed with the space between her hams, including one person who came for her legs during the question and answer game.

When one troll call informed Nastia Liukin that she had "gross skinny chicken legs," the gold-medal winner didn't hesitate to clap back. Scroll to see Nastia in the splits!

'Gross Skinny Chicken Legs' Troll

Nastia in the snow

Hitting back at the hater, Nastia Liukin posted a picture from the Olympics showing her balancing on her hands with her legs spread in the upside-down splits. Holding up her bodyweight while using her bands to stabilize on the balance beam, the star extended her legs wide showcasing every muscular inch.

Pointing her toes to give a gold-medal split, Nastia Liukin didn't just let her Olympic shot do the talking. She kept her poise but made sure to put the troll in their place. Keep scrolling to see her splits!

Clapping Back In Splits

Nastia Liukin during Olympics

"Unclear if you're trying to be hurtful or what, but these "gross skinny chicken legs" helped me win an Olympic gold medal," she hit back before adding one last shade writing, "hbu?" Nastia Liukin's leggy comeback wasn't the only memory she shared from her Olympian days.

When someone asked her to post her favorite pick from the Olympics, Nastia Liukin shared one that showed her hugging her coach tightly. Of course, she also made sure to post a ton of adorable pics showcasing her beloved puppy, Harley, too!

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