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Kate Beckinsale from bed

Kate Beckinsale Spreads Eagle For X-Rated Lick

By Whitney Vasquez

Kate Beckinsale gave her followers quite the show when she opened wide and attempted to lick her own "anus." Yes, you read that right. The 47-year-old bombshell took it to the next level when she went full spread eagle on her bedroom floor for the raunchy action.

The "Underworld" star left everything on the table by slipping her killer curves into a pair of skintight denim and extending her long limbs, leaving her crotch front and center in perfect view of the camera.

Showing Off Her Flexibility

Kate Beckinsale pulling down pants

Adding even more sex appeal, Kate Beckinsale slid on a pair of high-heeled boots and lifted her perfect pin in the air. Resting one leg on the pole of her bed, the actress extended her other leg out for an epic crotch shot.

Wearing a cat mask around her face, the "Pearl Harbor" actress showed her funny side by attempting to imitate her adorable fluffy cat who was seen in the shot licking itself like crazy. Scroll to see Kate Beckinsale's X-rated lick!

The Lick Seen Around The World

Kate Beckinsale spreads eagle

Bobbing her head up and down trying to mirror her cat's action, Kate Beckinsale may have given her Instagram fans a show but her flexibility could use some work. "By the time we get through Covid I hopefully will have learned how to nonchalantly groom my own anus and will be licensed to teach," she hilariously captioned the interesting lick video.

Her fans went WILD over the x-rated anus clip with several sounding off in the comments. Of course, not everyone was impressed and Kate Beckinsale had to fend off some haters. Keep scrolling to watch!

Watch The Lick


While one troll admitted the video was "f---ing funny," they switched gears when they went after Kate Beckinsale's cat mask. "Take your mask off inside the house," the hater wrote to which the actress clapped back showing her witty side. "It's a cat mask. To make the cat less self conscious," the star explained, "also, relax."

Overnight, her x-rated kitty lick collected more than 785k views and the numbers keep on coming! Thank goodness Kate Beckinsale has more lovers than haters because her fabulous content has been a lifesaver during lockdown!

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