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Kate Beckinsale takes a selfie

Kate Beckinsale Addresses Anus With Flexible Bedroom Splits

By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale's mind-blowing rubber-band body is stretching every which way – apparently talking butts. The 48-year-old actress delivered another of her trademark humor posts on Sunday night, clocking herself upwards of 750,000 views by Monday morning, and with good reason. Kate, who stretched her legs out, yanked one up high, and gave her own version of the splits, was back with her cat, back in her bedroom, and making sure talk stuck to the global pandemic. Check out the action below.

Getting Through COVID

Kate Beckinsale in bath

Scroll for the video. If you don't live inside Kate's Instagram, the account is basically one giant NSFW, although with the "Pearl Harbor" actress recently walking her cats on leashes in a bikini, it's also one giant joke.

The video, taken inside Kate's L.A. home, showed her on the floor, stretched out, and in her signature tight yoga pants and heeled knee boots wardrobe, also wearing a simple white sweater. The actress got very leggy indeed as she hiked her right leg up, with the left one then seen stretching out to a spread-legged split.

Caption Gets Anal

Kate Beckinsale indoors

Kate, who houses cats Clive and Willow and had one fluffy feline on the floor next to her, took to her caption with a little pandemic talk, writing:

"By the time we get through Covid I hopefully will have learned how to nonchalantly groom my own anus and will be licensed to teach."

Instagram has thoughts. The Brit's fanbase, who trashed her when she dated 23-year-old musician Goody Grace for a brief period last year, were, well, in the mood to question the content. See the replies after the video.

Called An Attention-Seeker


Kate did receive positive feedback, but a comment gaining likes queried the whole thing, writing:

"Gosh you have so much time on your hands 😬 seeking attention or creatively dead 🤨."

"She's funny as hell," a fan fired back, adding that Kate "makes everyone's day with her videos and post if u don't like it then don't watch it or follow her PERIOD."

Kate confirmed the cat in her video was male Clive, also taking to the comments section to say her cat wears a cat mask to make him feel less "self-conscious."

See the bikini body below!

Bikini Body Blows Up Instgram

Kate Beckinsale in bikini

Kate, called "Benjamin Button" in 2020 for her age-defying looks, tends not to receive complaints on the body front. The bikini updates have included the star sashaying around in heels and flaunting her massive thigh gap recently, with Beckinsale also delivering her yoga moves from lock-down in earlier parts of the pandemic.

Kate made headlines last year for embarking on a relationship with a man slightly older than 21-year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen. She split from Goody Grace ahead of the holidays.

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