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Salma Hayek close up

Salma Hayek Celebrates Girl Power In Sheer Shirt

By Rebecca Cukier

Salma Hayek went totally see-through today to celebrate a little Girl Power and make sure your pandemic TV includes 2019-released "Monarca" series. The 54-year-old actress, largely making bikini headlines during her New Year's travels, updated her Instagram on Monday with a massive feminine empowerment message, using a hashtag you'll be familiar with before hashtags existed – yes, the Spice Girls. Salma, followed by 16.9 million posed with a well-known Netflix face, and she was offering a recommendation for the show she produces. Check it out below.

'Girl Power'

Salma Hayek in bikini

Scroll for the photo. If you missed the massive bikini headlines, the above photo should offer a clue. Hayek is currently vacationing somewhere tropical and secret, with her Instagram bringing a coconuts showoff and a jaw-dropping ocean handstand.

Today kept the swimwear out of it. The "Frida" actress posted a close-up shot of herself and Irene Azuela to promote "Monarca," a series about a return to Mexico and a battle over a family tequila empire. The photo featured Hayek resting her head on top of Azuela's for a bit of a sandwich shot.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Salma Hayek snacks in swimsuit

Salma, who tends to keep promotional content on her IG a rarity and last posted to promote upcoming movie "The Eternals," was seen in a black sheer shirt with white leaf patterns and looking gorgeous with poker-straight hair worn down. A caption, meanwhile, clarified what was going on.

"#girlpower if you have not discovered Monarca, you have two seasons waiting for you on Netflix. #poderfeminino si todavía no han descubierto Monarca, les esperan dos temporadas en Netflix @ireneazuela #whattowatch @whattowatchonnetflix," Hayek wrote.

See the handstand after the snap!

See The Ocean Handstand Below!


Salma will spark OnlyFans requests with her massive curves, but feedback today saw fans sticking to the subject matter. "It's the best show," one responded, with another telling Hayek: "Salma. Great job in Monarca. Omg. Sooo good. I'm very selective in shows" as they added that "everything is the perfect production, vestuario, actors and the history. The character [sic] fit in perfect in their personage."

Salma's biggest 2021 headlines so far aren't about the career wins, though. They're all about the bikini body.

Secret Gymnast?

Salma Hayek in ocean

Salma made major headlines for proving it's always bikini season on December 29, 2020 as she near-burst out her purple bikini to mark her vacation, one that's brought her downing tequila shots with lime and enjoying a busty Sunday selfie just yesterday. The Mexican hasn't confirmed where in the world she is, but she has delivered that apple bottom, upside-down swimsuit shot, one that now sits at over 600,000 likes.

Hayek did make fans smile with her tequila lime wedging, though. It came bikini-clad and with Salma saying she loves tequila "but in moderation."

Scroll for Salma showing off her big milky jug!

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