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Snoop Dogg Trades The Microphone For Wrestling Ring

snoopdogg - Instagram
By Carol Cassada

Snoop Dogg is a man of many talents.

Not only is he a rapper, actor, and game-show host, but he could be looking at a career as a rapper.

During this past Wednesday's episode of AEW Dynamite, Snoop got into the ring and showed off his moves.

Snoop was on Dynamite to promote his new TBS show "Go Big Show." Snoop accompanied wrestler and fellow "Go Big Show" judge Cody Rhodes to the ring in his match against Matt Sydal.

However, things turned chaotic and before the night was over, Snoop was showing off his high-flying moves.


Snoop's Top Rope Jump

Snoop Dogg Cody Rhodes
SnoopDogg - Twitter

Snoop was on commentary for Rhodes match against Sydal, and just like any wrestling show, things turned hectic.

Rhodes and Sydal's match was interrupted when the heel team of Luther and Serpentico stormed the ring.

Rhodes and Sydal then teamed up to take down Luther and Serpentico. After laying out their attackers, Rhodes and Sydal were joined by Snoop who wanted to get in on the action.

The 49-year-old rapper climbed the top rope and proceeded to deliver a frog splash to Serpentico.

Snoop's wrestling moves quickly went viral with many fans applauding the rapper for his athleticism.

His Cousin Is Sasha Banks

Snoop Dogg Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks - Twitter

If Snoop decides to hang up the microphone for wrestling boots, he'll have plenty of help from his cousin WWE star Sasha Banks.

Banks is the current Smackdown Women's Champion and is considered one of the best and charismatic women's wrestlers.

Banks and Snoop have a tight bond, and the rapper has even appeared alongside his cousin in WWE. At WrestleMania 32, he accompanied Sasha to the ring for her title match against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

As for whether Sasha was impressed by Snoop's wrestling moves, the star tweeted to her cousin that they needed to work on his moves.

Past Wrestling Appearances

Snoop Dogg WWE
Triple H - Twitter

As a wrestling fan, Snoop Dogg has made many appearances on WWE programming throughout the years.

He's guest-hosted Monday Night RAW numerous times, and prior to WrestleMania 32, he appeared at WrestleMania 24 where he served as the Master of Ceremonies for the women's tag match.

In March 2016, Snoop became the latest celebrity inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame due to his contributions to the company. WWE star and fellow rapper John Cena had the honor of inducting Snoop.

Recently, Snoop teamed up with the legendary Undertaker to collaborate on a new line of WWE merchandise

Heat With WWE?

Snoop Dogg AEW WWE
SnoopDogg - Twitter

Snoop's appearance on AEW apparently left WWE unhappy.

AEW is WWE's rival, and WWE has a tendency to be petty to anyone who associates with the competition.

Reports surfaced that Vince McMahon and other higher-ups were displeased about Snoop's scheduled appearance on Dynamite.

To add fuel to the rumors, WWE recently pulled WrestleMania 24 from the WWE Network, which so happens to be the same event Snoop was part of.

It's unknown whether WWE's decision to remove that episode of WrestleMania was related to Snoop or not, but it seems the rapper has now become part of the AEW vs WWE battle.

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