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Nastia Liukin close up and indoors

Gymnast Nastia Liukin's A Cereal Killer In Skimpy Kitchen Binge

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin poured a whole box of kiddy cereal down her throat today, and she got paid to do it. The 31-year-old five-time Olympic medalist popped up on Instagram for her 1 million followers on Monday with one heck of a promo, and it was tasty stuff. Nastia, who faced an anorexia storm in October 2020 and has defended allegations she only fuels her mornings with black coffee, proved she's got a giant appetite, but she wasn't gobbling Lucky Charms. Check it out below.

Fueling Olympic Body

Nastia Liukin stretching

Scroll for the cereal action. Nastia, who also influences for skincare brand Olay and clothing giant Revolve, today shouted out high-protein and low-carb breakfast cereal Magic Spoon. The blonde was in her Dallas, TX home, in the kitchen, and looking flawless as she made Magic Spoon look more appetizing than ever.

"I'm about to let you in on the bed thing since sliced bread," Nastia opened while at her kitchen counter and in a cropped, light gray hoodie and ripped tight jeans.

Keep Scrolling For The Cereal Drink!

Nastia Liukin cereal promo

Nastia told fans that she wasn't raised on cereal. "We never had cereal in the pantry," she explained, "Because it had so much sugar and so much stuff in it." Nastia has "discovered Magic Spoon," and her video was all about letting fans know it's a great healthy option that doesn't come with all the crap.

"I feel like I am able to relive some of my childhood because I've always loved cereal," she continued. The 2008 all-around Olympic champion then put her money where her mouth is.

See The Bikini Body Below!

Nastia Liukin eating cereal

A "taste test or it didn't happen" followed, with Nastia seen pouring oat milk into a bowl of the cereal and giving it a big chomp. Stuff like this is eaten dry, though, and let's face it, we've all done it. Nastia then posted a snap of herself seated on her counter in her skimpy and belly-baring hoodie, seen pouring the box right into her mouth.

Zero grams of sugar, 3g net carbs, and 11g protein per portion were also mentioned. Scroll for the bikini body!

What's The Pay?

Nastia Liukin

Nastia abided by Instagram's required #ad, confirming the promotional nature of the videos. Pay on Instagram correlates with following, something that experts at Vox have outlined.

"Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post!"

With 1 million followers, that ain't bad. Scroll for gymnastics superstar Simone Biles removing her chest piercing in a bikini!

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