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Pamela Anderson's bandana look is catchy

Pamela Anderson Disrobes On Sand To Bring Julian Assange Home

Instagram | Pamela Anderson
By Rima Pundir

Pamela Anderson's love life may read like a rocky road to nowhere, but some of her rumored boyfriends seem to have her everlasting loyalty. Case in question, the man behind Wiki Leaks, Julian Assange, wanted in America for leaking secret military documents to the press and public. 

Anderson has been appealing to the American government, urging them to pardon Assange and it seems she is fine to press her case, using that beautiful body in all its fineness. Stripping on social media is perfectly fine by her, and by Instagram too! 

The Strangeness Of It All

Pamela Anderson with Julian Assange
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

A man who basically showed the public what the US military was up to, and turned into a fugitive because of it. A woman who has made her way into the world using her wit, her curves, and her raw sensuality. Does it sound like the two would have anything in common? 

Apparently, they do and Pamela Anderson has declared her love for Julian Assange repeatedly, to the point of labeling him "innocent, vulnerable and strong" in a very poetic way.

Or maybe, she just liked his hands...

Anderson Cries Free Press

Pamela Anderson uses her social media to try and help Julian Assange
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

With Donald Trump leaving soon, the push to pardon Julian Assange has started again in America, and lobbying is going on to get him a pardon from the new government. 

Adding to it is Pamela Anderson's post that went, "The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed; how can you have an opinion if you are not informed?"

Here's more from her... 

A Request In The Buff

Pamela Anderson in the buff is a vision
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

To push her case, or rather's Julian's case, Anderson is only too happy to strip. She recently put up this post of her sitting with her back to the camera, wearing little else but the beauty of her skin, and waxed poetically with the hashtag #freeassange.

"At the edge of the sea/underwater -
in touch with the wonderful world that I trust - nature-
while we wait
till my friend is physically
with his sweet family..."

Will her ardent appeals change Assange's fate? That is yet to be seen... But Anderson doesn't trust easy.

She Does Believe The Trees

Pamela Anderson likes to be close to nature
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

Just a few hours ago, Anderson put up this post of her dressed in a bikini (could be lingerie too) and telling her fans to "listen to trees". 

Along with being an Assange activist, Anderson is also a huge nature lover and has been an ardent PETA supporter for most of her life, even choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle. 

Clearly, Anderson has a soft heart and is willing to take up the fight of anyone who she sees as being sidelined. 

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