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Summer Walker BLASTS Kardashians Accusing Them Of Cultural Appropriation

By Mike Walters

Summer Walker is accusing Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner of cultural appropriation, including wearing darker makeup to appear to have a different complexion.

The 'Girls Need Love' singer just shared a meme on social media which features a picture of Kim and Kylie, where both reality stars are touching their own faces with shows the contrast between their skin color and tone of their face makeup.

"The difference in color between their hands and their faces," the meme reads. But, after a swift reaction from fans, Summer appeared to backtrack a bit, explaining she was talking about society as a whole. See The Pictures Below.

See The Shocking Details...

See The Photos!


"White girls wanna be darker, black girls foundation be too damn light, fat wanna be skinny, skinny wanna be thick, white girls want bigger lips, black girls want smaller noses, curly girls want straight, straight girls want curly, everyone wants what the other person got my lord," Summer captioned the photo.

She included, "It's not shade just an observation."

Immediately, fans called Walker out after reminding her she had gone under the knife too. "I hope she’s self-observing too cuz she got her nose and body done also🤔," one fan wrote. Another added, "I love Summer, but she also got surgery done so she's not in the right position to be calling out people. (And there's nothing wrong with getting anything done)."

Plus, it should be noted, many took it as a shot against the Kardashians, with one saying, "Dang she going in 💀."

Summer Explains Her Statements...Below.

'It's Just Something To Make You Think, Not Shade'


"Addressing the Kardashian post," Sommer wrote.

She continued, "I know critical thinking is a very difficult task for the vast majority, but the purpose of the last post was to shed light on a lot of US as in me & you should start figuring out why we always want what some else have aesthetically. Will never be satisfied chasing modern-day beauty standards cause it keeps changing, like every time it's a new trend we all just gone continue to alter our bodies? & this goes for every ethnicity, it affects 90% of us."

Adding, "It's just something to make you think, not shade."

There's More...

Kardashians Accused Of Similar Issues In The Past...


As you know, this isn't the first time The Kardashians have been accused of cultural appropriation -- including Kim appeared several shades tanner in a recent 7HOLLYWOOD photoshoot. At the time, the public accused her of "blackfishing" or changing her appearance to give the appearance she has African American heritage.

Kim blamed the lighting and her Armenian heritage for appearing darker in the photos.

Summer wasn't finished and issued a warning to fans about their actions. In a separate post, she wrote, "Bags & chains are nice but seriously if your willing to drop that type of money you should really consider investing in a spiritual life coach & a therapist. Mann that s--t is really liberating. It’s essential for healing that childhood trauma that WE ALL have (shadow work) & plays a major part in transitioning into a well-rounded multifaceted evolved & mature adult. you’ll stop hurting yourself & others only opening so many doors mentally spiritually physically & financially. & honestly lol to come healed is extremely attractive."

The Kardashian's have not responded to the situation.

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