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Rapper Lil' Boosie Offers $1000 CASH To Instagram Fans Willing Suck His Toes!

By Mike Walters

Rapper Lil' Boosie is known for asking his Instagram followers for shocking favors, but this time he is actually seeing if anyone online is willing to suck his toes for a thousand dollars!

Boosie Badazz just melted down Instagram after tossing a $1000 offer to his followers who are willing to lick everyone one of his toes. At the time, he was in the middle of getting a pedicure and showing off his 'pretty' feet!

Of course, the offer came with a clear shot of his feet along with a zoomed-in picture of his toes!

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'She Says I Have Pretty Feet'


In the video, Boosie appears to be sitting on a chair and enjoying a pedicure by a masked woman who apparently told him he is gifted in the area.

"She says I have pretty feet," he says in the clip.

Adding, "Who wanna lick my toes?!"

But, instead of leaving the joke on the table, Boosie doubles down and offers his millions of followers a thousand dollars if they are willing to suck all ten toes! "I got a thousand you suck every toe!" he says in the video.

At that moment, Boosie zooms in on his feet where a message is clear, "Any volunteers?"

See The Shocking Message!

'Any Volunteers?'


This isn't the first time Boosie has been wild on the 'Gram, the Louisanna rapper is known for pulling crazy stunts including asking fans to join him on IG live and show off their feet!

In one instance, Boosie shared a shot of a woman who proudly displayed her feet on the dashboard of her car. The rapper approved and responded, "they aight." But, the video turns when the fan flips her camera to show her face which makes the rapper leave the chat.

Boosie's behavior on IG may seem strange, but he has used it for other shocking reasons in the past!

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Boosie's Known For Bizarre Offers On Instagram!


As we reported, in the past few weeks Lil' Boosie took to the social media site to ask fans for help scoring his diabetes medication.

That's right...the legendary rapper actually begs fans to help him get an injectable insulin pen. The point, Boosie actually delivers the cash to those who help him on IG, including a woman who got him the medication while in Florida. Plus, she actually won the lottery after delivering the product to the rapper.

So, any takers? Boosie is good for it!

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