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Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals Long-Lost Home Movie from Childhood

Jamie Lynn Spears / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Jamie Lynn Spears is reliving one of the great moments from her star-studded childhood after a family member sent her a videotape that she had not seen in years. The younger sister of Britney Spears took to Instagram to share the long-lost family treasure after Bryan Spears sent the gift. The video, which displayed a record date of January 16, 1999, puts the former "Zoey 101" star at 8 years old and showcases some of the star's singing skills, as well as some of her attitude!

The Sun Will Come Out...

Screenshot of home movie
Jamie Lynn Spears / Instagram

It's unclear where the video, that Jamie Lynn Spears shared, was taped, but it was on a tour bus. There's a good chance that the tour bus had to do with older sister, Britney Spears, during her illustrious touring career.

"Making people watch me sing Annie on the tour bus, pretty much sums up my childhood👧🏼also.. song seems relevant right now," Jamie Lynn captioned the video of her belting out "Tomorrow" from the famous movie and Broadway musical.

She added, "Thanks to my brother for sending me this gem."

Throwing It Back

Blonde woman taking selfie in hotel room
Jamie Lynn Spears / Instagram

29-year-old Jamie Lynn, who has been starring on Netflix's "Sweet Magnolias," has been in a nostalgic mood lately, with the singing video not being the only trip she's recently taken down memory lane. Last month the star shared never-before-seen selfies from her pregnancy with her daughter, Ivey.

Wearing a comfy outfit of drawstring shorts and a t-shirt with a jacket, Jamie Lynn wrote that she was throwing it back:

"[To] when I was around 10 weeks preggers with Ivey in a hotel somewhere, while traveling for work. I remember I had already thrown up like 3 times before 9am, but got dressed and went to all my meetings like normal."

Staying Positive

Two young sisters hugging and laughing
Jamie Lynn Spears / Instagram

With all the craziness going on in the world -- especially this week -- Jamie Lynn Spears has been trying to stay positive, especially on social media.

"Posting something positive during negative times just to send a little love to you all," she captioned the adorable photo of her two daughters.

Jamie Lynn added, "Praying for our current world, and also for our children’s future world."

Fans definitely appreciated the moment of zen from the star.

"Thanks! This wonderful picture gives me hope and also calms me. Sending you much love Jamie!" one person commented on Instagram.

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