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Sommer Ray looking sideways

Sommer Ray Sparks 'WAP' Requests With Frontless Top Bend-Over

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray is wanted for "WAP." The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation now sees her TikTok followers near-unanimously begging her to "do the WAP dance" – the official version from Cardi B and Megan The Stallion may still be the most popular, but it looks like fans want Sommer's take. The Colorado native's Friday TikTok set out in promo mode as Sommer flogged her trendy athleisurewear, but the comments section sees other thoughts. Sommer was even fun with her caption, but 8 million+ fans are making demands. Check it out below.

Showing Off Her Goods

Sommer Ray in latex

Scroll for the TikTok. Sommer, who bucks the trend by tending to opt out of influencing and instead running her own show, had updated for fans with a big bend forward and a giant booty shake in the tightest of looks, not disappointing as she kicked off TikTok-style with her head in her hands and looking sad, then going full-throttle with the body-ody.

Sommer was outfitted in pale pinks, but it was sexy stuff. The star, wet-haired, wore yoga pants and a matching sports bra, but the top was unusual.

'Not Your Average Instagram Model'


Sommer, who delivered her assets from the front and the back with her energetic bopping, took to her caption, writing: "I don't usually make tiktoks but when I do i make a fool of myself. A tongue emoji was then followed by: "Shop this fit" and Sommer providing a link in bio.

Ray, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, is now proving she's not your average TikTok face. And the replies aren't average either. See the video below!

'WAP Dance'

Sommer Ray in leggings and top

Topping replies is a comment Sommer has been subject to before. "WAP dance anyone," the user wrote, with "Votes for wap dance" also coming in. A suggestion, meanwhile, came from a fan having clearly read the caption, but they too had hopped aboard all things "WAP," mentioning the August 2020-released #1 track and telling Sommer:

"Why not just do the wap."

"Where the wap nvm she probably practicing," another user added. You get the picture. Click here for the TikTok – scroll for the bikini action!

Business Is Booming

Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray's Shop, popular with its unique Gym to Swim bikinis, retails everything from trendy hoodies and leggings to swimwear and hats. A recent post from Sommer saw her in promo mode for her headwear, appearing in a baseball cap and stunning fans with her long blonde hair as she wrote:

"Hiiii guys i loveeeeee the sr hatzzzz! go get yours 🤓🧡 btw i’m having a 30% off sale on the whole @shopsommerray site 😇 use code - holiday30 at checkout✨"

Scroll for Sommer spreading her legs to welcome 2021!

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