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Brie Bella Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Uncertain About Brie Bella's Plans To Move To Napa

Brie Bella - Instagram
By Carol Cassada

Look out Napa Valley, the Bella Twins are coming.

Back in August 2020, Nikki listed her Phoenix, Arizona home for sale. A few weeks later, her sister Brie, who lives next door, also put her house on the market.

Nikki and Brie would later reveal on "The Bellas Podcast," they were both moving to Napa Valley. The sisters also revealed that the reason for their move would be featured this season on "Total Bellas."

Last night's episode, showed Brie and Nikki breaking the news to their significant others. However, not everyone is happy with news about the upcoming move.

Bryan's Concerns

Brie Bella Daniel Bryan move
Brie Bella - Instagram

While Nikki's fiancé Artem Chigvintsev was on board with moving to Napa Valley, Brie's husband Daniel Bryan wasn't so thrilled.

When Brie asked Bryan his thoughts, he sarcastically said he loved moving, then asked if this is the wrong time to move.

Later in a taped confessional, Bryan brought up the couple's past moves. During the time they've been together, Bryan and Brie have moved around quite a lot. The couple has lived in Phoenix, San Diego, and Bryan's hometown of Aberdeen, Washington.

In 2019, they moved back to Brie's hometown in Phoenix, where Bryan though they'd finally be settled, but he was wrong.

In his interview with producers, Bryan says that after a move, Brie will be happy for a while, then eventually becomes dissatisfied.

Bryan admits he doesn't know how to help his wife with her problem, and wonders when she'll finally be content with life.

Brie's Reason For Moving

Brie Bella Nikki Bella family
Nikki Bella - Instagram

The past year was hard for the Bella family.

Nikki and Brie's mother Kathy Laurinaitis underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor. Kathy is now on her way to making a full recovery, but Kathy's ordeal made Brie contemplate her future.

As she explained in her confessional, Brie said her mother's surgery and the events of the world made her realize life's too short. She says she wants to fulfill her dreams now because there's not telling what the future holds.

Her biggest dream is living in Napa Valley, and she's going to make it happen.

Moving Drama

Brie Bella Daniel Bryan move
Brie Bella - Instagram

Brie's decision to uproot her family to Napa Valley is going to cause problems.

With Bryan reluctant to go, the couple is going have a lot to discuss as they make a choice on where to live.

Also, as Brie explained, her mother Kathy may not be happy with the idea at first. With Kathy's home in Phoenix, she is going to be upset that her daughters and grandkids are leaving. 

However, Brie knows her mother wants her to be happy and will eventually accept her daughter's decision.

Home In Napa Valley

Brie Bella Daniel Bryan Birdie
Brie Bella - Instagram

Despite Bryan's uncertainty, he eventually agrees with Brie's decision to move to Napa Valley.

The couple and their two kids Birdie and Buddy are already settled into their new home.  

Meanwhile, Brie's sister Nikki is currently in Napa, but her home is undergoing some much needed remodeling. Until Nikki's home is completed, she, Artem, and baby Matteo are staying in a rental.

However, Nikki has said that the Napa home she bought is close to Brie and Bryan. With the group once again living close by, there's not telling what antics they'll pull in Napa Valley.

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