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Cardi posing in her new outfit for social media.

Cardi B Fans Agree With Her On Donald Trump Needing To Go To Prison ASAP

Cardi B- Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Donald Trump shocked the world when he was elected as president in November 2016. Throughout his presidency, he has constantly shown why he's been unqualified for the job and displayed forms of hatred on plenty of occasions

These were four very long years as one of Trump's last spectacles was his supporters storming Washington D.C. on Wednesday and breaking into the Capitol building. This was in order to try to prevent President-Elect Joe Biden's electoral votes from being certified. This was finally completed though that night.

Cardi B Is Ready To See Trump In Prison Immediately

Trump with his son, Donald Jr.
Donald Trump- Instagram

Trump incited this attack by his terroristic followers as back in late December, he called for action on January 6. Many celebrities are slamming Trump online for letting this happen as the latest to do so is Cardi B

She has been critical of the job that Trump has done as president over the years and now, she feels that he has to be incarcerated soon amidst talks of him finally being impeached for good.

I don’t wanna hear this “we impeaching trump” shit. He only got a few days left at the office anyways. By the time he gets impeached he’ll be at his penthouse in NY already. How bout y’all put him in JAIL !!!!!!

Twitter Agrees With Cardi's Latest Stance On Trump

Cardi showing off one of her latest fur coats.
Cardi B- Instagram

Shortly after this tweet was put out by Cardi, fans quickly agreed with her opinion. Many feel that Trump has done unconstitutional acts as president over the years and should've been charged for his crimes a while ago. This may very well happen after he leaves office. One of Trump's latest resorts to save himself though is to pardon himself on his last day in office, which is January 19

Cardi Has Interviewed Bernie Sanders And Joe Biden Before

Cardi in front of her slime green Lamborghini.
Cardi B- Instagram

Cardi is no stranger to politics as she's interviewed both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Among the topics were racism, police brutality, and COVID-19. Many people applauded her efforts to speak with these very important politicians about the key issues in America. Cardi speaking to Biden and Sanders also helped her fans indulge into politics more as the country headed towards arguably its most important election in its history. 

Cardi Had An Epic 2020 For Herself As Well

Cardi on her 28th birthday.
Cardi B- Instagram

In addition to Biden's huge presidential victory over Trump, Cardi had some huge wins in the fall as well. She released her "WAP" single featuring Megan Thee Stallion as that soared to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

As of now, it stands at 3x platinum status in the United States. Cardi reportedly did not submit it for Grammy consideration though due to her wanting to put out her sophomore album first. Fans are still waiting on when the official date and title of the project will arrive. 

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