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Sommer Ray close up

Sommer Ray Spreads Legs In Sheer Spandex For 2021 Motivation

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray is spreading 'em by the road to get you motivated for 2021. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation's 25.7 million Instagram followers got an eyeful on Wednesday, with Sommer updating her account with her jaw-dropping workout body as she claimed that new workout clothes motivate her. Sommer, who has already made headlines for her latex looks in 2021, was back to the spandex today. Likewise, the promo, with her Sommer Ray's Shop brand getting great press. Check it out below.


Sommer Ray seated in latex

Scroll for the photos. They come as Sommer makes headlines for continuing to keep her Instagram unique –dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, Ray has kept up the moniker, this year saying she doubts tequila is the answer, "but I'll give it a shot."

The photos, outdoor and in the L.A. sunshine, showed the Colorado native squatting down with her legs apart and wearing a three-piece sportswear look from her popular range, also flaunting one heck of a figure.

Keep Scrolling For The Shots!

Sommer Ray bikini selfie

Sommer, who wore tight pink yoga pants with sheer side panels, a frontless hoodie and matching crop top, plus a colorful bandana, delivered her signature body and her abs, also peeking her cleavage as she was surrounded by grass and road.

"Nothin’ better than getting new workout clothes for that new year workout motivation 💪🏽✨ sooooo hit up @shopsommerray," the model wrote, driving fans to shop her brand.

340,000+ likes in just two hours. Not bad when you're not a Kardashian. See more photos below!

See Her Bikini Shower Below!

Sommer in spandex

Sommer's fans don't miss a thing. "She creasing the jordans for a pic?" topped comments, although it's a different story over on Ray's TikTok, where requests for the star to "do the WAP dance" fill every single post.

Sommer has been making headlines since the New Year, with 2020 seeing her do the same, from her pushing a Lamborghini in a tight dress and heels, to ordering everything off the menu at Chick-Fil-A for a YouTube video.

Then came the nearly-electrocuting bikini shower. See it below!

Water And Electricity Don't Mix

Sommer Ray in bikini shower

Sommer manages to make the captions as entertaining as the images. The ex to rapper Machine Gun Kelly made headlines towards the end of last year for a bikini shower shoot, one that came with Sommer mentioning the dangers of having so much water around so much electrical equipment.

"The last pic is when my dumb-ss realizes we have water running over electrical cords lol," she wrote.

Sommer, who has gained 100,000 followers since 2020 became 2021, has also been, um, celebrating her larger chest size during "that time of the month." Scroll for it.

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