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Cardi B talks to her fans on Twiiter

Cardi B Butt Grab Instagram Pic Mistaken For Pregnancy Announcement

Twitter | Cardi B
By Rima Pundir

Earlier this year, rapper, singer and song-writer Cardi B had got shadow-banned from Twitter, mostly because of her penchant for drop the F-word pretty easily. So she promised to turn over a new leaf and be more mindful of what she said on Twitter

The same, it seems, does not apply to Instagram considering a rather recent intimate shot of her derrière was mistaken by most fans for a second-pregnancy announcement, considering she and Offset are so back together, it's like they were never apart

Browse for the laughable comments on the hot pic... 

'Cardi Thee Stallion'

Cardi B's cowgirl avatar
Instagram | Cardi B

Was this a diss? Nah, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion have enough WAP to go twice around the globe, although Cardi B did claim, "I ride it better".

Fans hollered, "Body-ody-ody-ody or whatever Megan said. 🥵" because Cardi B is hot. She's hotter in leather, and next to a horse with a pose like that, she is positively smoldering.

As far as the riding is concerned, fans were wondering if Offset would comment on the same, but he did keep his silence. 

Cardi B Wants To Lose The Flab

Card B wants to be chic, not thick?
Instagram | Cardi B

So January begins with Cardi B decided to shed the pounds and say, "This will be my last week of eating everything I want 😩".

Whilst Megan Thee Stallion was there for her pal, one fan commented, "Looking like a meal and a snack ❤️", clearly showing that Cardi B does not need any diet. 

Other also reinforced body positivity, writing to Cardi B, "I want my new year to look as good as you 🔥 tf".  But the heart wants what the heart wants and Cardi B wants to be less thick, more of chic... Even if that involves stripping and basketball!

Not, That's Not Her Belly

Nope, that's not Cardi B's belly!
Instagram | Cardi B

For a minute there, far too many people on Instagram thought that this was a pregnancy announcement by Cardi B, only, she does not have any tattoos on her belly. 

That's Offset, grabbing Cardi B' butt, and the caption read, "Can’t wait to get home... HornyHyena".

Many celebrities commented that they were almost going to congratulate her. Wrote Brielle Biermann, "I thought u were pregnant again😀😅".

More fans echoed the same, "thought you were announcing another goodnight" while another comment also read something similar "Girl I’m thinking that’s a baby belly😭"...

Now, these really are Christmas trees, nothing else, and yes, there are five of them...

Cardi B's Latest Stunner

Cardi B is now Bardi Pink, not Bodak Yellow
Instagram | Cardi B

Is she already looking a tad less thick?

Some got "Pink power ranger vibes 💕👌" from this picture while others wondered where she was headed off to in that outfit. Check out the "toed" boots.

Another commenter wanted an exercise to be done, saying, "At this point, we have to give her a SUPERHERO NAME!" and asked others to drop the name below. Some of the more innovative ones read "Black Panthot #wapkondaforever",  "Backyardigans", and "BardiBacardi 😊". 

Honorable mentions to be "WAP warrior" and "Bonder Woman"!

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