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Woman mining gold in Australia

'Gold Rush' Star Claps Back at Internet Troll Over COVID-19 Slam

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

"Gold Rush" star Tyler Mahoney didn't let a tasteless and rude comment go unnoticed, and the Australian TV star made sure she delivered a golden response to the critic. Mahoney, who recently starred on Discovery's "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail," shared a pic this week while out on a jet ski near her home in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Although most fans were happy to see the reality star out enjoying a good time, one alleged fan felt the need to lash out at Mahoney in such an aggressive manner that it got the attention of the gold prospector.

Loving The Outback

Woman on jet ski in Australia
Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Tyler Mahoney shared some photos of herself hitting the water in a bikini and dropped a message about her love for Australia.

"How good is the outback," she captioned the pics of the red dirt watering hole.

The signature hue of the Western Australian earth didn't sit well with everyone. One fan commented, "Doesn’t look that good. Looks like some pretty dirty water tbh."

Mahoney responded about her precious red dirt, writing, "haha it’s actually quite clean it just looks dirty because of all the red dirt! Gotta make the most of what you’ve got."

Clapping Back

Woman holding gold nugget
Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

The comments didn't stop there, but one person lashed out in a particular aggressive and nasty manner, writing to the "Gold Rush" star:

"Don't be spreading your covid shit... Put on a mask and maybe more attractive swim wear."

Not letting the ignorant comment slide, Mahoney responded:

"[You] do realise I live in Western Australia and not America right....... we stopped the spread and life went back to normal like 6 months ago. America isn’t the only country in the world hun, maybe do your research before making ignorant comments."

Returning to Normal Life Down Under

Group of women at birthday party
Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Tyler is correct, as Australia has been able to contain the spread of COVID-19 and was able to remove many of the lockdowns and restrictions placed on its residents during 2020.

The lifting of restrictions allowed much of Australia to resume normal activities, such as inside dining and gatherings. The timing was also good for Tyler, as she celebrated her 25th birthday and was able to attend a celebration party with friends.

It also allowed Tyler to show off her killer neon birthday outfit.

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