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'The View' Host Meghan McCain Torn To Shreds After Fight With Joy Behar

By Ryan Naumann

Meghan McCain is being ripped apart on Twitter after she got into it with Joy Behar this morning on "The View."

During the Hot Topics segment, Joy and Meghan got into it during a conversation about the rifts within each political party. Whoopi asked the cohosts if they believed America should rid itself of the two-party system.

Joy said she believed the Republican party was eating itself alive. She didn't think the Democrats have the same internal issues that the Donald Trump-led party is facing at the moment.

Meghan interrupted Joy saying her argument was inaccurate. She said the Democrats are facing the same division within their party. Meghan pointed to AOC's progressive plans that Nancy Pelosi doesn't approve of.

Joy didn’t appreciate being cut off and shouted, “Excuse me, I’m not done.”


Meghan shouted, "Joy, you missed me so much when I was on maternity leave – you missed fighting with me.” Joy quickly replied, "I did not. I did not miss you. Zero."

The comment upset Meghan who called the remark "nasty," She appeared both for the rest of the show and often rolled her eyes during the table discussion .

"The View" fans were quick to trash Meghan following the little tiff with Joy. One said, "Ugh now she’s gonna play the conservative martyr card. “Being a conservative today is so hard blah blah blah wah wah."

Another viewer commented, "When is @ABCNetwork going to realize that @MeghanMcCain is not mature enough to handle the job they have handed her. I didn't miss her either @JoyVBehar, the show was so much better without her."


"I don’t care about Joy Behar disrespecting @MeghanMcCain. Meghan we will not defend you, you are nothing but a Trump hating liberal.We don’t care that your last name is McCain, it means nothing to us," said one person unimpressed with Meghan's behavior.

Meghan did have one supporter who believed Joy was out of line. She wrote, "The first time I’ve watched @TheView in months and @JoyVBehar tells @MeghanMcCain she don’t miss her while on maternity leave when Meghan dared to disagree with her about conservatives. Stay classy, Joy."

While another jokingly remarked, "Cause of death: Joy Behar saying "I did not miss you" to Meghan McCain upon her return from maternity leave."


Back in December, Meghan posted a photo of her hugging Joy on the set of "The View." She wished Joy a happy birthday on her big day. She wrote a heartfelt note reading, "Happy Birthday to my favorite liberal sparring partner @JoyVBehar - there’s no one I love fighting with more. I really miss loitering around in your dressing room, watching cable news, and gossiping after the show with you... You are a true powerhouse and the ultimate original! Grateful to call you a friend. ♥️🌟🇺🇸."

So much for that.

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