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'OutDaughtered' Star Danielle Busby Hospitalized After Suffering From A Mysterious Illness

By Mike Walters

'OutDaughtered' star Danielle Busby has been hospitalized after her husband revealed she is preparing to undergo a very 'invasive' test, in hopes of figuring out a mysterious illness.

Danielle's husband, Adam Busby, updated fans on Instagram claiming his wife is getting ready for the test but did not reveal tons about the procedure. But, the reality star did include a picture of his wife in a hospital bed.

As you know, Danielle has suffered from several medical issues including this latest scary episode where she was complaining of 'alarming sensations' in her arms and legs.

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Reality Star Suffering From Mysterious Illness


"Today is the day of @dbusby ‘s most invasive test so far. Praying it leads to answers and a clear direction for the doctors," Adam captioned the photo of his wife in a hospital bed.

The reality star asked that fans not speculate what could be the issues, saying, "This is all we are comfortable with sharing at the moment. Please respect that in this current time of uncertainty and refrain from speculation. Just asking for prayers."

As they learn more about her condition, Adam says he will update fans and friends on Instagram. "We will definitely share updates as Danielle is comfortable," he wrote.

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'OutDaughtered' Star Undergoing 'Invasive' Tests


In the weeks leading up to the hospitalization, Danielle explained she's been meeting with different doctors after experiencing heart abnormalities and issues with her joints, muscle, and bones.

The reality star was first hospitalized in November after complaining of painful issues.

“Lots of tests have been done for both doctors … some results have come back OK, and some … not so much,” the TLC star wrote. Adding, “I share this to share … but honestly nervous about sharing too much [because] I don’t think I can handle people’s ‘input.’ I’m taking one day at a time and when I know more about what’s going on and feel comfortable sharing, I will.”

So What Is Wrong?

Sharing Her Story...


It's still unclear at the moment, but she is reportedly in the care of a cardiologist and a rheumatologist.

Danielle promises to continue sharing her journey, saying, "I see a huge value in sharing stories, but as for me right now, I just need some space to process before sharing. So today, I share to ask for prayers."

As we reported, Danielle underwent a hysterectomy in 2019, after struggling with pain associated with the aftermath of carrying quintuplets.

At the time, she was diagnosed with having cysts on her ovaries polyps inside her uterus, and said she was in "extreme pain 24/7." The reality star's doctors said a hysterectomy is the solution. “Having a hysterectomy should be the fix of all my pain," she said. Adding, "It’s a big deal. It’s gonna be hard to recover from all of this, but I’m ready to get this all over with.”

Get Well Soon!

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