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An amazing photo showing Nikki Bella and her bundle of joy in her home kitchen.

Nikki Bella Speaks Out Against Overwhelming Expectations Placed On New Moms

Instagram / Nikki Bella
By Favour

Professional wrestler Nikki Bella opened up to Ashley Graham on her podcast “Pretty Big Deal” about the pressure she and her twin Brie faced after their pregnancy.

During the podcast, the two women discussed the undue societal pressure placed on women to get back to work after just having a baby. 

Nikki spoke up and shared that moms do not talk about the pressure and postpartum depression because everyone will automatically think the moms hate their babies, which is usually a wrong assumption.

Nikki continued that dealing with the pressure is a battle within oneself and with your partner.

The Pressure To Be Better And Badder

A throwback photo of Nikki Bella with a cute baby bump in a black dress and she looks exquisite.
Instagram / Nikki Bella

Graham, 33, and Brie completely agreed with Nikki’s observations. The three women recently welcomed their baby boys; Nikki had her first child, Matteo, with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev in July, Brie had her second child, Buddy Dessert Danielson, in August, and Graham welcomed her first child, Isaac, in January.

The moms delved further into the mental, emotional, and physical stress associated with bouncing back fully after having a child. Nikki noted how exhausting the journey could be, especially for career women.

She added that women like her go from major careers to being a mom, and being in the spotlight brings the added pressure to get back to work in a short time.

A Can Of Emotions

Nikki Bella shows off photogenic face in this cute selfie, in her car.
Instagram / Nikki Bella

The women each called out the intense societal pressure and labeled it total “bullsh*t.” Nikki even recalled a comment troll made about her body following post-pregnancy and shared that the person had exclaimed:

“Gosh, she’s still big!”

Nikki observed that as a new mom already dealing with so much, the insane pressure can get to anyone.

The “WWE” superstar is trying to adjust to the new motherhood phase and has the support of her partner Chigvintsev to count on. The podcast conversation is a wake-up call on the challenges faced by women post-pregnancy.

Sickness During Pregnancy 

A cute mummy-bunny moment showing Nikki Bella and her son Matteo and they look adorable.
Instagram / Nikki Bella

On the December 9 episode of “The Bella Podcast,” Nikki opened up about an old fear during her pregnancy. She revealed that she fell ill with the flu and was sick that the doctors feared she might miscarry.

The 37-year-old shared that she was diagnosed with Influenza B in her eighth week of pregnancy, and the doctors tried not to get her on antibiotics, but her sickness became so severe it was unavoidable.

She added that she got a recommendation for Tamiflu, which is considered safe in pregnancy, but she was still worried about her baby. 

A Family That Celebrates Together 

A family photo featuring Nikki Bella, Artem Chigvintsev and their son, Matteo.
Instagram / Nikki Bella

Fortunately, the “WWE” star recovered completely and now has a bouncy baby boy. She and her fiancé also planned their son’s first Christmas in an epic way.

A source close to the couple told Hollywood Life that Nikki’s numerous holiday traditions would be unique with her new baby.

The source continued that Nikki and Brie’s grandfather has an age-long tradition of having dinner on Christmas eve each year for all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and this year, Nikki and her new son, Matteo, were part of the tradition. 

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